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Posted by Cecil on 08/21

I sent a postcard to 'Sades' who found Lilian's purple velvet backpack in the savannah after she permad. It had some of my stuff a coupon among other things in it, but it was sentimental to me and to some other people i know.. i sent him a card nicely asking if he would give it to me, and stating how nice it would be if he did. But this is what i got in reply. A small piece of paper from Sades has the following message written on it: hmm, ok, i will give the backpack to you, but in return i want a single co color coupon -cecil- is it just me or is this a simple lack of common courtesy among players? I just want some people to read up on this so they know to be on the lookout for players like this. Cecil, the nice Dark Knight

From: Tempus Thursday, August 12, 07:32AM

-comfort- Yeah, some people on legend aren't very nice. Sorry you had to find out this way :( Tempus Kittredge.

From: Danar Thursday, August 12, 03:18PM

heh. You're right, Cecil, there is a lack of manners among some people... Hope you get it back without having to cough up blood money. or whatever. Danar

From: Sydney Friday, August 13, 01:11AM

Heh, I know Sades, and he's rude as hell to me and my alts. I think this is just his way of being nice :P

From: TheThing Sunday, August 15, 02:09AM

Cecil, my friend, today I have discovered a new level of "not niceness." Ask me about it some time. I offer you comfort on your experience and wish you good luck. If there were more courtesy and respect on this MUD . . . ok I stoip now before I start whining again. TheThing quietly attempting to dissapear

From: Mugwump Tuesday, August 17, 08:21AM

Well, at least you got a reply. I had a bag of coupons and strings stolen by Kiera. (You can say I should have known better, but this was the day after Kiera went in, and I had no idea the steal skill gave no message to the victim when it was successful.) I immediately sent a note to the person who found it offering a coupon of their choice from the bag for its return, and they didn't even bother to respond for over two weeks. I may as well name names too, that person was DavidBeckham. He also claimed that the bag of coupons was lost in a DT. However, I recently saw at least two items from that bag in Marauder's house. Don't you just love prize machine strings with your name on them? I have mailed Marauder a couple of times asking him to tell me how he got those items and he hasn't had the courtesy to reply either. Maybe common courtesy isn't all that common after all.

From: Mym Saturday, August 21, 10:13PM

yeah, I wish now I'da used firestorm, since you think immolate does alot of eq damage, you've seen nothing yet. keep fire spells the way they are, EQ damage is part of the game, deal with it. -Mym.


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