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death crys

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Posted by Akai_Monkey on 08/30

im sure this has been suggested and shot down before but how about personalized death crys? like warcry kinda, you shout it when you die (duh) i think this would be neat and might promote rp hmmm rp...acually forget i said anything...

From: Leonora Wednesday, August 18, 12:56PM

-nod Akai- I think it is a neat idea too. makes your death more personal. But lets work on skill trees first shall we? Leonora Christine

From: Tyrion Wednesday, August 18, 05:22PM

So your assuming we all know the moment of ours deaths well enough that we can croak out something poetic just before we kick the can? Cute idea but kinda silly too. Tyrion

From: LadyAce Wednesday, August 18, 06:17PM

For what it's worth, builders have (in the acts code) the ability to do "act_death" -- acts which happen at death. And while it's not the highest priority suggestion I ever heard, I wouldn't be too quick to say that it's too big/difficult. Whether it's a good use of machine resources is another matter :) -LA

From: Mym Wednesday, August 18, 10:30PM

I'd MUCH rather see this on info actually, and reversed. versus the annoying ones I hear now. This would promote RP in many fashions also, which is needed tremendously in pk right now anyway. it would be a great way to promote yourself, your clan, your strings, or whatever you felt like promoting at that time. And I'll even take this a bit further and say, that it should be changable exactly like warcry. my $0.02 -Mymsy.

From: Shino_Kage Thursday, August 19, 09:44PM

i gotta say that i really, really really really like myms idea in a single blow from His gleaming silver katana Shino_kage slays boredom -halo- Shino_Kage

From: Vandervecken Tuesday, August 24, 07:59AM

And in the dying words of Pacho Villa to a jounalist "Don't write that I died like this, tell them I said.... something." Vandervecken

From: Elisa Wednesday, August 25, 02:29AM

I'm all for anything that promotes rp, but I'm afraid death cries would just encourage cursing and whining. It would be supercool if we could personalize our death messages though. (Elisa sinks into a rapidly spreading cloud of blood in the water, never to resurface.)

From: Asterix Monday, August 30, 08:28PM

into the water? wat happens to this deathcries if your on land then?


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