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Posted by Fright on 08/22

I'm looking for an answer to a question that I have asked various imms over the last while, but none can tell me what the rule is. This is regarding permaing/deleting a character, and creating a character again with the same name. I'm curious as to whether any one persons dealings with this character will be considered crossplaying, if all associations fromthe previous perma'd character are kept. Lets clarify: PlayerA is pkill enabled and verbally harasses and makes an idiot out of his/her self. PlayerA then perma's, remakes with the same name and decides to become pkill enabled again. If PlayerB was at the brunt of some of this harassment (even if it was IC harassment), and PlayerB decides to kill PlayerA based on this past experience with PlayerA, would that constitute crossplaying? This might be in the rules somewhere, but I have yet to find it. And even if it is in the rules, it seems that more than 1 immort is confused about the answer to this question. I'd like to hear a definate rule for this if possible. Fright

From: Ariel Friday, August 20, 10:07PM

Considering how many pkillers remake, I'd say it's impossible not to take past experiences into consideration, even when dealing with a new incarnation of the same character--a jerk who was once a sniper that's now a mage is still a jerk. If that's illegal, oh well. Not much to do in that case except to forbid remakes, which I can't see happening. Ari

From: Fright Saturday, August 21, 12:37AM

Well if its that cut and dry, I don't see why an imm can't answer it.

From: Deathangel Saturday, August 21, 12:56AM

I'd have to agree here.. if you use the same name as before you are responsible for all the actions of yourself before. if there is something wrong with this then there are a massive amount of people out there crossplaying after they ditched and reincarnated with a 'better' version..

From: Infidel Saturday, August 21, 08:04AM

You'd have to be treated as the same person, many will use the same name, same desc, same RP, some may not even know they perma'd.

From: Tempus Saturday, August 21, 09:46AM

hmm... I always believed that once you perma...it wipes your slate clean? just a poke in the dark here :P Tempus Kittredge.

From: Ariel Saturday, August 21, 10:44AM

Well, in response to Tempus. Say I make a character, enable, level up, and go on a killing spree, and I wind up permaing one of your clanmates looting the others and generally making a nuisance of myself. I then perma and come back with the same name, same RP, all that jazz. I once again enable and level up, and this time I want to join your clan. Can you honestly say that you'd look at me and think "well, he permad, so I guess the slate is clean." Life just doesn't work that way :) Ari

From: Darkheart Sunday, August 22, 06:15AM

if charB acts just like charA under the same name and player, and refers to himself as being both charA and charB, charA = charB. my opinion, anyway.


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