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Posted by RangerElf on 08/23

Hi everyone.. Well, I have just fought my first enemy as a immolater..and bah! this has nothing to do with the person its pretty much the damage. I know roark has written something about this before..and now that i c what he is talking about..I am mentioning it again to add to the ppl that want something done about it, I have some of the "old holsters", non existent anymore..and lets see non repairable. immolaters damage eq beyon belief as I just found out. and I think something has to be done, maybe im just protective of my holst holsters...YES I AM..I cant get anymore..so if an imm that can look into this problem, append to my message, I know kae did but I dont know if anything has been looked at..its really annoying when u get the eq that can "never" be gotten again and have it in ur inven with one more hit and its gone....plz look into this, its a rather large problem... thanks, RangerElf {MERC}

From: TheThing Saturday, August 21, 10:42PM

I agree that losing eq that is difficult to replace is annoying Just tonight I lost a recently string item to a mob that ate it But I must say this - if you are PK enabled, it is probably not a good idea to wear any eq that you care about, in any fashion. PK is tough on eq - period. If you have old items, stash them in a house, re-work your stats around eq you can replace, and wait until you decide to retire to wear them again. I personally am annoyed by any eq that is totally non-repair/non-mend/non-tform. Everything in RL can be fixed one way or another (duct tape and super glue work wonders) perhaps we need to change some items to be trueformable only up to the (slightly damaged) status. Like a vase that has been superglued it is not in the original form, but it is salvageable. But I digress, the subject is immolation of eq. If a PK character uses immolate on you, they are doing it intentionally. That means they have made a choice to WANT to do damage to your eq. Just like using a silver serrated sword or Demon's Claw, we all know what effect our style has on others. If you are facing an immolator at your level, perhaps it is time to re-think the eq you wear out of the clan hall (see above). Just my thoughts, you begged us all to append after all. humbly Thething err, TheThing (damn big fingers)

From: Mym Saturday, August 21, 11:18PM

yeah, I wish now I'da used firestorm, since you think immolate does alot of eq damage, you've seen nothing yet. keep fire spells the way they are, EQ damage is part of the game, deal with it. _Mym.

From: Wrecked'm Sunday, August 22, 12:45AM

Hmm, my old holsters can be mended.. was there a change to them before they were made no AC?

From: Ton Sunday, August 22, 12:51AM

TheThing puts it well I think. If you are in pkill, expect to lose or at least have damaged eq. Its part of the game you play. If you can't replace that hard to get item, maybe you shouldn't be using it in the first place? From my experience most characters can be equipped in multiple ways to get the same stats, some with easier to get eq than others. As for eq damage going down, I think it should go up for all types of attacks. If you are being beaten within 10% of your own death, I think the stuff you are wearing is going to reflect that. Swords and daggers should damage eq severly as well. Blunt weapons shouldn't damage cloth and leather near as easily, but they should damage metal/wood/bone items easily. For the sake of gameplay, I believe that the amount of damage done to eq has been toned down from what is realistic. I see fire doing more damage to cloth/leater/fur realistically than any other form of attack, so why shouldn't the mud reflect that bit of realism? The only change I'd like to see is hard material objects (bone, metal, wood, etc) should be resistant to damage from light weapons. While materials such as cloth, fur, leather should be resistant to damage from blunt weapons. It would be a nice twist to things to have weapon selection weigh a little more heavily in ones mind when aquiring eq... Much as spell selection must weigh in a mages mind when trying to do the same. Ton

From: Diamond Sunday, August 22, 05:43AM

Regarding what TheThing said : "They have made a choice they WANT to damage your eq"...Yes and no. They made the choice they wanted to hurt you in the most effective way, which involves immolate spells. There is a main difference in fighting as good as possible, and deliberately wanting to damage another person's equipment. Diamond Grendelbane

From: Lightning Sunday, August 22, 02:21PM

I agree somewhat ton, but there is one problem. As a sniper atm, I will personally 90% of the time run from you if you immolate me once. I have had too many problems obtaining my gear and don't feel like doing it again, especailly the non fixable stuff. Reality is a point imms strive for in this game, but sometimes game balance comes first. Gear is harder then even xp to get in this game sometimes, and the damage to it in pk right now, specifically fire, is just way to high. -Lightning

From: LadyAce Sunday, August 22, 10:14PM

Just a note -- The place to direct comments on the fight system is most definitely NOT to the assistant builders...of which Kae is one. Please contact a PR imm (it's our job to deal with complaints and questions) or a coder (it's their job to deal with the actual code and its balance). As far as fire damage is concerned, I also think it's too high, and that it shouldn't actually scrap the eq, instead perhaps set a 10-tick 'no scrap' flag -- take it down to full damage but not let it actually break to pieces. Usually when we try to adjust fire damage we actually adjust how many pieces of eq it affects -- the real problem (it seems to me) is the fact that after your item is very damaged from burning, it could get hit from their weapon or another random attack, before you had a chance to adjust. That being said, you do have ways to protect yourself from getting your eq damaged from fire -- spells, your eq, your skills. -LA

From: LadyApe Monday, August 23, 03:06AM

Eq doesn't seem to go out on its own anymore either, if you can't get back to your corpse for a while it just burns away til it scraps.

From: Kae Monday, August 23, 04:37AM

I appended to the previous thread on this subject because I happen to agree that there may be some unbalance in the damage fire can do to equipment (if not people). However, I stated very clearly in that append, that my views were mine alone, and in no way representative of the immortal staff. I have not 'looked into anything' because fixing spell damage (if it is indeed deemed it needs a fix) is a coder thing, not a builder thing. I have an opinion just like everybody else, but I'd like to be able to express it without people reading it as a promise to go and change the code right away. As LadyAce points out, complaints should generally go to PR in such cases - though when a discussion ensues on the discussion board, it will obviously get everybody's attention. Again, my attention does not equal my promise to go and change anything at all unless I specifically state that I will (not bloody likely, btw, immortals generally don't just go make a decision without consulting the rest of the staff). Kae


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