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Posted by Dune on 08/24

Can we redo the keywords for glass vials that are full and empty? For example I have 6 vials... the first 3 are bubbly, 4 is empty and the last 2 are milky. Its I big chore to figure out that 4.vial is the one that you want to drop... It would be nice if "glass" remained a keyword for "glass vial", and removed as a keyword for full vials. So "a glass vial"'s only keyword would be "glass", and a bubbly potion would have "bubbly" and "vial". This would make it much easier to drop stuff. Sometimes I pick through inventory trying to count the empty ones, and I always drop the wrong ones cause I missed that hidden vial. Its not a big thing, it would just be a nice little change that would make life easier.:) dune

From: LadyApe Monday, August 23, 03:07AM

I idea'd a similar thing just a few days ago but adding 'empty' as a keyword for empty vials. Anyway, I agree it's real awkward when you have a lot of vials.

From: LadyAce Monday, August 23, 08:53PM

Great idea -- and this is something I'm pretty sure we can do and do easily -- since vials are actually different objects than potions. If it were like waterskins, we wouldn't be able to do it. I'll ask Sandra. -LA

From: Sandra Tuesday, August 24, 05:10PM

The keyword 'empty' will be added in next code update for empty glass vials. -Sandra


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