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Posted by Dune on 08/25

Ive been watching the threads on fire damage. I agree that it sucks to lose strings, and hard to get eq to pk damage. So I have an idea that I posted with a former pkiller a while ago.. Ill post it again... Lets eliminate a couple of things... for one, lets make it so that items cannot be scrapped from burning away.. they just go to falling apart and stop. Items can still get scapped by hitting or spells, but at least items that sit in corpses burning dont scrap while the owner is trying find his/her corpse. Even in the midst of fighting, the burning stops at falling apart... if a hit or spell later in the fight scraps it, then so be it. But at least there is slightly better chance for it to survive. Another idea is to make strings recoverable from scraps. No one likes to lose strings... for rp's sake people should feel safe to string whatever slot they want.. even if it has easily damagable eq. If the above options seem to unbalance things... we could offset them by making "falling apart" eq give zero stats, ac, or whatever bonus there is for wearing it. Damaged items are a cool aspect of the game, so all these suggestions are in the spirit of trying to keep it in while reducing the harshness of losing eq and strings. I really like the last idea of it losing stats... then eq damage will have a real effect, not just the ooc annoying affect of having to replace it. just some ideas dune

From: Skar Monday, August 23, 11:42AM

Add a new damage category (scrapped) -- item is still worn, but doesn't give any stat bonuses, effects, resistances, etc. The item also shouldn't drop off, which can complicate recovery. Other than that, just use the restring command to transfer the string to something else.

From: Skar Monday, August 23, 11:46AM

Oh, and (scrapped) items wouldn't be able to be repaired, mended or true formed.

From: Mym Monday, August 23, 03:27PM

once again, my hat is off to Dune, Rather than whining and moaning "fire damage sucks" he has proposed an itelligent fix, not to mention one that I -wholeheartedly- agree with. Kudo's, Dune. -Mym.

From: LadyAce Monday, August 23, 08:55PM

I agree that we should have a way to restring from scraps, it's on the list of things for coders to deal with (I have to wait to get my stuff done, just like everyone else, marriage to head coder or no :P) And (as I suggested above) it shouldn't go directly to scraps -- I don't mind the item scrapping if you're out of the fight and have had a chance to remove it and have chosen not to. Or how about being able to take some physical damage by "dousing" with one's body? Then running out of water would be less of a disaster but still have some real disadvantages. -LA

From: Darkheart Tuesday, August 24, 09:07PM

removing alone doesn't do much -- of course you can't remove things mid combat, but even if you put it in your inventory, flaming spells can still reach them -- think once i had something burn that was actually inside a bag, somehow. i just think it'd be much neater to have scrapped strings just become zips and go to inventory, hahah.

From: Pharku Wednesday, August 25, 12:39AM

You missed the point, it's not about chosing not to douse an item or taking your time for some other reason but sometimes it's not possible to get to your corpse for a long time.. Stuff scraps in the meantime.


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