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Posted by Darkheart on 08/29

Just heard somebody saying coding of selective pk is in process. Needless to say, I am absolutely against this idea. Setting aside the fact that this would just make this mud a huge arena (something imms were soooo fervently against) for unclanneds, it would simply kill pk, imho. If you could enable and disable at whim, unless each command takes a month or so RL, we would see much more xplay and multiplay than we do now, and have serious trouble sorting one from the other. Right now, the one pker per player limit at least prevents some of the seriously obvious xplay and multiplay, but having more than one clanned would jeopardize tha There'll be ppl who 'legally' have grudges against a char from many of their chars (all ic) then there'll be ppl who don't. Adding to this confusion will be the mass of healers, especially out of range ones, that will be 'selectively pk' and get away from the unclanned healing rule. Not to mention it being obvious that the 'good' pkers will eventually die expel agam close u lock u if ppl can selectively choose from who they can be pk'd. Not many enjoy losing battles, and the winners will simply be 'buried.' If this coding is out of concerns for the currently hot pk atmosphere, the n i suggest coding efforts be put into making multiok and lootok flags, instead of selective pk. As much as i'd love to pkok only one member of a huge pk group and rush into them like a firefly, such an option will kill a lot of the pk flair. Won't say much more til i get this rumor confirmed, but geez ppl, if it is true, THINK or at least ASK the 'active' pkers before making such move. Darkheart Harkzael

From: Pharku Friday, August 27, 07:37AM

I'm absolutely for it, whether it takes time for it to go into effect or can be toggled right after you kill someone. :) That would be lame but still better than the current system, for me anyway. -tired of perma-

From: Dune Friday, August 27, 07:54AM

hmm... I would like the official word from the imms before I open my big mouth.

From: Diamond Friday, August 27, 11:15AM

One thing you forget to mention, Darkheart, is the fact that this will allow all pkillers to play the style of pkill they like, which in turn ensures everyone has fun. And hey, if the way pkill is now is so fun for everyone as you hint at, why be worried about this coding? Those who like it will probably pk-ok everyone, so no worries there. On the other hand, some might not like being jumped all the time, getting looted, getting multi'ed, etc. And they can then choose the option they prefer, making everyone happier, except those who play in a style that ruins the fun for some. Diamond

From: Deathangel Friday, August 27, 12:15PM

as much as it hurts me, I must agree with darkheart on this one.. Yes there are people that play and do multi, and loot, etc.. that's part of the pk thing.. it was when I was pk 4 years ago, it still is today.. If this selective pk thing were a reality, it wouldn't just stop that, it would kill pk.. then. like DH said there would be a lot of people who would just'ignore' people who beat them.. so the punishment for being good at pk would be to be unable to? this makes no sense.. The people who would do bad things are still going to find ways around it.. all it takes is for you to die once for them toget ahold of your gear.. Now I'm not a master pker with years of experience.. I pked for about 6 months 4 years ago, and have been pk since the OTS reformed.. But in my opinion,this would just ruin any chance of pk having an rp angle.. people would do something stupid, then hide from the consequences..

From: Cyrnon Friday, August 27, 01:56PM

Your post is pretty funny, Darkheart, but you miss the point. It would not hurt good pkers, just bad players. You would not be 'punished', as Deathangel claims, for winning. You would be 'punished' for the way you go about winning or acting once you have won. If you hound somebody for 2 or more hours RL with your attempts to pk them while they are trying to recover from a DT, why would they want to keep playing you? Obviously, they couldn't possibly win. Acts like that contribute to the poor pk atmosphere and it's not a recent issue. Pkill has been turned off in the past in futile attempts to make players change. Hopefully pkok will finally let the rest of us enjoy pkill.

From: Ea! Friday, August 27, 06:24PM

We're in the process of planning a system wherein people can selectively choose who they are allowed to pkill with. We haven't gotten past the planning stage yet, so any details that I could give would likely be inacurate. I will say that we haven't committed to going with this new system and that whatever system we implement will be done in such a way that it is easy to backout if it hurts the pkill atmosphere more than it helps it. Once the imm staff has discussed the implementation and agreed that we should go ahead with this system we'll give more details. -Ea!

From: Ton Friday, August 27, 07:17PM

How about sharing some of the details if any exist with some of the pkill community, and get their opinions on various parts. This is a pretty major change if you ask me, I'd love to have some input in some way, and I am sure from what Darkheart among others wrote, they would at least like to be part of the discussion. I'm not sure whether this is good or bad, considering no comments about the system have been made from a coder, I am not going to comment on specualtion. :) Ton

From: Laurana Friday, August 27, 07:20PM

Well, I don't think a pk-ok thingy would ruin pk, nor do I think it would take the rp out of pkill, in fact, that way you could force people to come and pick a fight with you, instead of being jumped by someone you've never encountered before. And to me that's very appealing (though I know most people feel otherwise) Laurana

From: Stewart Friday, August 27, 07:58PM

ok, i gotta say i REALLY don't like this idea. and that it's real... -shudder- i've only heard a little and already -I- can see ways he could be horificly exploited. ick. thats the only thing i can say, ick. Stewart

From: Pharku Friday, August 27, 10:41PM

Seems I misunderstood, I take back my support for it until more info is given...

From: Dune I dont like it... The pkill community is too small already, and it would make it even smaller, that meaning that less people would be "in range" although more maybe willing try it. Ptah, a while ago, said that a good mud consists of socializers, explorers acheivers, and killers. I guarentee that if people could select pkill opponents, all the killers of the game will disappear. I hate it the way it seems right now, Im waiting for the final word before I get really upset. Somehow I dont believe that imms would do something like this seems. Im waiting for the details. Dune

From: LadyAce Saturday, August 28, 12:07AM

I also am familiar with the classification of playertypes that Ptah quotes from time to time. But I'd like to point out that there is no particular classification or need for jerks, for people who get their fun from ruining other people's experiences here, or for those who simply cannot learn to treat others with respect. Why should our players be subject to the basest whims of whoever might happen to be online, just because they wish to use a particular feature? We don't make you group with people you can't stand, in fact such people are often ostracized and learn the hard way that if you don't play nice, no one will play with you, and that's no fun. If you wish to jump and be jumped, you'll be able to pkok all, and get just that. This is a way to empower players -- if there's a jerk running around, who has fun by ruining other people's fun, then finally you'll have a tool, a way to respond, which doesn't require you to stoop to their level. This project broadens the appeal of pkill because it removes the fear that you, the new or experimental or rp'er or simply less skilled, will have your character ruined by others who either don't think or don't care. Instead, you can simply unpkok those with bad manners, and take away their power over you. -LA

From: Danar Saturday, August 28, 12:55AM

You know, if you're really worried, you could suggest something better than "scrap it" and, considering that they ARE still in the planning stage, they just might put your suggestions in :b Danar

From: Seth' Saturday, August 28, 01:41AM

This is an EXCELLENT idea.....(Ea!'s) selective pkill will make people immune to crossplayers and pkillers which are way above their experience levels.

From: Diamond Saturday, August 28, 02:46AM

Seems to me that people miss one major issue here. -IF- selective pkill is coded and implemented, it would ensure fun for all. Not meant as in that everyone would like it, but in the sense that no pkill was done without both parts agreeing to it, which must mean that both parts have fun. That way all the usual whining is avoided, and those who has the interest in battling their enemy, and vice versa just pk-ok each other. Diamond

From: Moira Saturday, August 28, 09:44AM

This was discussed at the last q&a, and it sounds like it has a lot of potential. I like the idea. Those who like the thrill of being jumped can still choose to pkok everyone, meaning no change for their current style of play. Most of the current active pk-ers will probably opt for this option. The big advantage will be for those who prefer to duel rather than jump/get jumped. In my opinion, one of the things keeping new players from trying pk is the fear of getting jumped, multi'd, looted, etc. It sounds to me like this idea, if implemented, will increase the participation in pk, rather than reduce it. There's another advantage too, if a player behaves like a jerk

From: Moira Saturday, August 28, 09:53AM

-curse lag- If a player behaves like a jerk, they may find that nobody will pkok them until they modify their behaviour, or at least nobody they are capable of killing, allowing us, the players, more control over our own behaviour. The concept of pkok, as explained at the q&a, sounded good, perhaps the imms might publish the idea in the LT, so that we can all get a better grasp on what they are trying to do, what they see as its benefits, and how they plan to work around potential problems with it. Moira (trying to comment through incredible lag)

From: Pharku Saturday, August 28, 12:25PM

Let me get this straight, just say all my clanmates pkok'd all.. If some other clan wanted one of them dead they could wolfpack him and we couldn't even assist cos they hadn't pkok'd the rest of us. It seems there'd be a lot of ways it could be exploited and I think you're better off with an arena for those that only want to duel or RP/pk. Other things mentioned should be a part of pk, if you're being hunted while not fully equipped, ask to be left alone if it bothers you, if that doesn't work be careful about it.. get some help or something. Not much difference in being attacked by someone 10 levels higher anyway.

From: Deathangel Saturday, August 28, 11:51PM

this is starting to sound a lot like why I left Ultima Online this is starting to sound a lot like why I left Ultima Online Enforced 'morality'... I don't play an evil character, never have it just doesn't interest me.. but if this were to happen like people are envisioning it pk will be utterly meaningless people are envisioning it pk will be utterly meaningless Jumps are a part of pk.. if it were all duels and nothing but duels, make an arena area and be done with it.. or like a mob who sells timed pk flags to players... lose pk as we know it entirely.. that's what would happen anyway.. I have been jumped untold times by several people.. do I cry about it and call it unfair? No.. if you want the right to fight people you should have to face the consequences of that right.. people can fight you.. pkok flags would destroy several types of characters.. snipes.. dex's would be at a major disadvantage ( hey STR, I wanna backstab you, could you pkok me?) Part of the excitement of pk is to get jumped, run like hell and then come back and stomp the jumper.. not that I'm good at that either.. I'm lousy at pk, but I would much prefer the current system over one that would have people able to hide from anyone who can beat them

From: Fraegis Sunday, August 29, 05:18AM

It has nothing to do with Forced Morality, or how pkill is designed to be. People pkill-enable for various reasons, and why not make a code that allows the most people to have fun in pkill, Deathangel? If you like to be jumped, hey just pk-ok everyone. If you don't like to be jumped, just don't pk-ok everyone. If you wanna fight someone who hasn't pk-ok'ed you, then maybe that person don't have fun being jumped? I take no pleasure in ruining the fun for others, so I think pk-ok is a nice thing that ensures that I don't actually do that. I fail to see the big problem in that.


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