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Posted by Barabas on 08/30

Not posting this as an append since its long. My thoughts on what I've heard of pkok: I've pkilled for a fair amount of time and have fought alot of the "current pkill community". Most of you I've got alot of respect for. You're good at killing and you know where to draw the line. The rest of you are assholes. I don't know if it's because you're still mentally immature, don't get your medication on a regular schedule or are just damn selfish egotistical people who only care about their own enjoyment. And I don't care. Now then.. some of you have pointed out that this will "destroy the pkill community". Nope, I don't believe that for a second. I think it will lessen the surprise factor for snipers and some mages.. but overall I think more people are going to try pkill and see that it's just not that bad. It'll allow people who want to rp pkill to do only that which will ruin a hunting ground for some pkillers but so what? Those people don't want to play with you anyway. And so you're going to get upset that you can't ruin their enjoyment to make yourself feel empowered?

From: Barabas Saturday, August 28, 09:21PM

Is this system abusable? Yes. More so than normal pkill, No. You'll be responsible for your actions more than you are now. Currently is you're an asshole (and you know who you are) then you know you can abuse people alot but as long as they're getting something out of pkill they'll put up with you. And even when they decide to quit, they have to either throw away more than 80 hours of invested time or do alot of mob killing. (And we know how much pkillers like mob killing). With the new system, if you're an asshole then nobody plays with you. It seems to me that the only people who are truly going to be pkill crippled are the assholes. To the argument that "I'm so good nobody will enable against me", maybe but I doubt it. Most of the hardcore veterans will keep their lists pretty broad. I expect new members will eventually get good and will broaden their lists as they gain confidence. The day I see people like Craven, Nothing or Dune shut you out because they're _afraid_ of you is the day I'll believe the "I'm so good .. " argument.

From: Barabas Saturday, August 28, 09:22PM

Which brings up another point.. retirees. Alot of you have killers that you've retired. Don't you want a chance to bring out the old killers and see how they'd do in the new crowd? Pkillers constantly complain that things change and screw them over.. now, so what? You can have multiple characters and try different things. I look forward to fighting Agni again and would love to break every one of Poetry's little bones one more time. As for the crossplay problems and things of that nature, yeah they'll be there if people can't grow up. You deal with them now. And either 1) You'll ignore it and try to have fun 2) you won't kill with that player or 3) that player won't have any characters left because they'll be warned and eventually deleted. Let the admin staff handle those problems if they get that bad and just concentrate on having fun with the game. Its what you're here for.. Barabas BoneCrusher

From: Barabas Saturday, August 28, 09:24PM

Now that said, I personally think it'd be cool to have a "pkok check" command that would tell you if someone was enabled against you ( possibly your group or your clan as well). The command would be invisible to all but someone with real high perception. So snipers could still "check" before aiming and would also know when someone was looking to beat them down. Barabas

From: Ronnie Saturday, August 28, 09:53PM

Stated well. If you have a habit of being a cowardly dink who would rather grow mildew in his hall waiting for someone to die to something or you tend to pick on the weak, you wont have much fun. It could effectively cure some of the assholes who are pricks just for the sake of being pricks. I do have some questions tho, as to how looting would be handled, and whether level limits would still apply? -Ronnie, looking forward to killing some of his ex-wives -halo-

From: Davien Sunday, August 29, 03:07AM

Nicely summed up Barabas. I would also point out that most of the objections raised so far are to points that have a remarkably remote chance of ever being implemented. Even if they are, there will almost undoubtedly be features to remove them or penalise the users. Plus people who do abuse the system can be 'turned off'. I mean, they only get to do it once right. I bet those 'assholes' in agreement with Barabas will feel real good being the best player in a game of one. Maybe they could arm a doppel and fight it? Davien Holyoake.


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