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Posted by Fear on 09/03

ok, this is why battle druids aren't do fun, because it's not possible to have mind, it kinda makes the whole think suck. what about those people who want augment but don't want to bother with spells? we're SOL? -Fear Me.

From: Deathangel Sunday, August 29, 05:42PM

There are/ have been quite a few augmenting warriors.. it works well as far as I've experienced/seen

From: Fear Sunday, August 29, 10:15PM

I wasn't real clear, I think mana should rely half on mind, and half on spirit, so people that do decide NOT to use spells can have equal mana to those who do use spells.

From: Skar Monday, August 30, 06:58AM

Rather than having mana rely on mind alone, I belive that it should be based on two-thirds of your mind and spirit combined. This will have little impact on mages that don't spam for their spells, since their spirit has to be close to 50; little impact on most druids, since their mind has to be close to 50; and reward those few people who shoot for 100/100. Throw in some +mana gear, and such a druid would have more mana than anyone else in the game. (Or a surgeon, in fact.)

From: Typhoid-Mary Monday, August 30, 07:03PM

As to battledruids not being any fun, I beg to differ, I have 3 of those currently, all nospam, and one of them is a retired pkiller. She wasn't an extremely good killer, but that was also probably because I suck. ;) But she was definitely fun. And had spells and augment without spamming. The other two are also extremely good for the purposes which I designed them to fit, so I can't agree that battledruids are no fun. Skar's idea of mana being 2/3 of mind/spirit combined I find extremely appealing, for the reasons he already so accurately stated. Typhoid

From: Fear Thursday, September 02, 11:24PM

thanks for helping me make my point, Mary, which you did so well when you stated that your druid that retired had spells, and therefor needed 50 mind bare minimum regardless. I'm pondering a druid with say, 30 mind, I have no choice but to grab +mana gear. and btw, this spirit adding mana idea is in no way my idea, it was Skar's as he appended, I simply heard him say it once before and thought I'd post it here to see the response it got from the playerbase. kudo's too skar, it's the best idea I've heard in a long time, and there honestly ISN'T a downside to it that I can see. Fear (admit it, you love to hate me, but you know I'm right)

From: Skar Friday, September 03, 12:18AM

Well, the only downside that I can see is that with 100 spirit and mind, plus a bunch of +mana gear, there arises the possibility of characters with over 1k mana. This might freak people out. However, this would take sooo much rent that the character would have virutally no fight skills whatsoever. They'd be pretty helpless on their own.


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