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Posted by Asterix on 08/31

couldn't we add spells like vina vayu mrti and vina bhu mrti too? vayu mrti could stun and some dmg, no wfws while bhu mrti could bash and some dmg it just adds to the arsenal of spells that a mage could use instead of the standard immolates, helps stop the recent fire epidemic too :P jus a penny's worth Asterix

From: Skar Monday, August 30, 08:38PM

I'm sure you've all seen the coyote try to kill the road runner, right? He always gets clobbered by a boulder, or an anvil or some other heavy, heavy object falling on him, despite the little umbrella he opens at the last moment. In that spirit, I propose a new create mage spell, kere bhu, that creates a boulder over the target, crushing it for damage according to the mage's level. Higher level mages will create bigger boulders, which may have a tendency to bounce a little bit, hitting an additional random target. Meep meep! Vrooom!

From: Chimera Tuesday, August 31, 10:10AM

Hm. I'd love to see a spelltool for that. "An ACME self-contained gravitonic catapult" or something. And the spellbook could be something like "an unread instruction manual." -opens little umbrella- -SMUSH-

From: Skar Tuesday, August 31, 10:16AM

What's a spelltool, Chimera? Are there any in the areas now? -tug-

From: LadyAce Tuesday, August 31, 12:28PM

Spelltools are items which cast spells, but are more flexible than wands -- they may be used up when you employ them, they can be made to "go off" when thrown, they can have as many as three different spells on them. And yes, they're in the game (though not very many) -- players simply haven't found them yet. -LA

From: Typhoid-Mary Tuesday, August 31, 01:44PM

I love Skar's idea, though it could be partly due to his great phrasing. Sounds like a cool spell. Typhoid


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