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pkok as i understand it?

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Posted by Blackthorne on 09/04

From what i understand this pkok thing seems to be a good idea. But there are a few things i dont really understand. What will this do to clans? Pkill clans that is. If everything in pkok is based on personal choice, how will clans go to war with each other? Another question is one that darkheart brought up, how will the imms enforce how many people can enable themselves? Wont everyone on legend today, and their alts have the option of going pk? Maybe this isnt a problem. This could help rp maybe. Im sure all the nonenabled people at one time or another have wanted to use their character to duel some famous pkiller, or gotten so angry that i t seems the only way to settle a dispute is to fight. So thats just how i understand it, if im totally wrong i hope you guys and gals can clear it u p for me, Thank Blackthorne De' Dannan'

From: Sandra Friday, September 03, 01:57AM

Unfortunately, Blackthorne, we don't have all of the details worked out for pkok yet. It's still very new, in both coding, and discussion. However, all of the suggestions posted will, I'm sure, be taken into consideration regarding it, as we want it to be as fair to the majority as we can possibly make it. I know that everyone is anxious to hear the details of it. And, as soon as we've worked them out, we'll most definately let everyone know. =) -Sandra

From: LadyAce Friday, September 03, 10:05AM

It was discussed, at one point, to have pkok include a clan wars option. Essentially, this would allow the GM to set their entire clan to pkok (clan name) -- and the members wouldn't be able to unset it. Kinda like clan befriend for clan houses. Love those parallels, eh? :) At any rate, the idea would be that the GM of the knights could pkok the ministry, and the GM of the ministry pkok the knights, and clan wars would proceed from there. This would be yet another variation on pkok all, and a good way to insure those jumps that some of you seem anxious to preserve. -LA

From: Pharku Friday, September 03, 11:44AM

Ensure! silly yanks.

From: Darkheart Saturday, September 04, 12:03AM

The reason why we propose ideas and try to point out possible flaws now is because dealing with the aftermath is much more frustrating than trying to stem it off from the start. Same logic many ppl here used when dealing with many new propositions regarding the game, including multi, loot, retiring, etc. For me, PKOK will only encourage problematic behavior and clique styel play. People will segregate themselves, imho, just as ppl segregate themselves into pk and nonpk now. Just after pkok, the segregation will become such that this mud will no longer feel as if it has a playerbase of 300+ except in very few circumstances. Another thing for me is that those who will use pkok can be separated into several categories. The optimum categories are those who have past clanne chars they want to bring back, or are active in pk now but would also like to flirt with some other chartypes than their current. Another category is for those who, once tried pk and decided to stay out of it, thinking it not something for themselves. Those two I have no problem with, and would not hurt me a bit. But, what i foresee is very little of those categories and a ton of ppl who fall under the "i enabled now but i want out yet i want to pk so i whine" category. Those, imho, don't deserve the coding of pkok or any such alternatives to lessen their responsibilities. The harm they'll bring is obvious -- they'll try to shape pk in such a way that they are subject to the least burdens and responsibilities for their actions by abusing the code in any way possible. And I honestly don't see a thing wrong with pk now other than those that simply can't seem to accept the fact that the world doesn't revolve around themselves. It's not as if there's an inherent flaw in anyone's ability to learn pk -- hell, any char can be copied, and any style of pk can be copied, and ppl like Infidel have exceptional pk skill despite his 600ms pings. It's a very even ground, with plenty of room for advancement once anyone tries. Heck, i sucked, and those of you who remember Lagmonster will have not a moment of hesitation in agreeing with that. DH


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