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mob fight?

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Posted by Asterix on 09/09

u know, with all the pk tourneys

and everyone slashing at each other necks everyday

what i'll really like to see is mobs vs mobs fights

how abt a blackbeard vs skatha & cuchullain fight?

it could draw bets too , the imms can make entry fee 10k and the winner gets a coupon or something like that

jus a wild boar


From: LadyAce Wednesday, September 08, 02:40PM

I've done a lot of mob vs mob fights for testing purposes...and it's generally rather dull. But it might be worth a shot as an event at some point, sure :)


From: Asterix Thursday, September 09, 10:01AM

As to whether it's dull to watch mobs fights, guess it's just a matter of opinion

well.. just to let u know, i'll be interested

From: Badtz Thursday, September 09, 01:19PM

Hmm Interesting :)

Maybe we can bet coupons/tokens/strings and win the same thing? or lose it



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