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Posted by Seth' on 09/22

Some days I don't feel like pkilling. Days when I'm lagged. Days when I just want to xp run and going afk in a safe room while OOW doing some homework or house chores without having to worry about being recalled out and killed while afk. Some people I prefer not to pkill with.....some which have no respect for people's wishes and or/take pkill as an OOC assa -assault towards their player. Some people I don't want to pkill with because they've been pkilling for years more than I have, and are way beyond my experience level. I am completely for pk-ok....just have some questions and ideas though. Forgive me if this was posted or in an LT before.....I don't read much.

Idea 1) Pk-enabled characters should have an ON/OFF switch for pkill. This "switch" should have a 24-tick delay so people can't just kill someon then turn it off.

Question 1) Will players who are pk enabled already be able to choose Pk-some, or pk-all? I think there was a decision, because when I enabled, and there was a pk-some choice, I would pick it.

Idea 2) This pkill ON/OFF switch should have a 24-48 tick (LONG) delay to turn OFF and ON. This switch code would please many people, I'm sure. Having pkill off is handy when you're lagged very much or on a Crusades/SL run. Or, maybe some days you'd just want to relax with your pk char and rp or level with him/her without fear of being attacked while away from your computer or out of window doing other work or play.

I hope some imms will at least give my ideas some thoughts and consider coding it in, if it isn't already. I think this is a great idea that could work with everyone, so I ask that some imms post up their own though ts about these ideas.



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