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Posted by Fear on 09/15

hrm, the imms claim that nothing is set in stone, yet they have been very consistant about promoting this, esp Sandra and LA, not there there is anything wrong with them doing that, but I assure you, with you two promoting the idea, it seems to us measly morts that the idea, at least, is set in stone, so don't whine and complain and act like a two year-old when people question your little save-the-world ideas.

with you immorts talking about it this much, and defending it with such emotion, it IS set in friggen stone, PERIOD.

From: Danar Saturday, September 11, 12:49AM

The idea is definite. How it will be implemented isn't.

Clear now? :)


From: Fraegis Saturday, September 11, 01:37AM

You were told they had to choose between 2 things, Fear.

Pk-Ok, or no pkill. You never mentioned which one you would prefer?

From: Fear Tuesday, September 14, 03:43PM

I'd choose no pkill at all, actually, and then I'd laugh as I watched the mud fail miserably. ;)

From: Screwball Wednesday, September 15, 10:51AM

most of the time I see about 10-15% of players online that are enabled. Assuming every single one of them left, I doubt that would be enough for 'the mud to fail'.


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