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Posted by Violence on 09/11

Okies here's how I'd envision it all working.

- fully enabled (FE) pkillers can now request that those not FE to pkok them.

- pkok chars can now ask any other character to pkok them.

- when both parties have enabled each other the fighting between the two parties can begin at their liesure.

- pkok characters may not steal from other characters even if they are both oked to each other.

- for any character to pkok another it caost them 5 rent times their current level ( this is to prevent pkoking everyone) but only the preson requesting to ok has to pay the rent charge not the person accepting it.

- you may not remove someone from your pkok list untill 2 full RL days have passed since oking them.

- interefence in a pk fight if you are pkok and not pkoked to all parties in a fight is treated the same way as interfence is now.

- pkok requests are handled in the same was a befriends are currenlty, if you log on and someone has requested pkok with you you get a messafe just like you do for mail, and you can accept it or reject it at your lesuire, request should expire after 2 RL days if not accepted within that time.

- the system envisioned here is fully automated and doesn't require us morts to constantly bug immorts for oks or unoks.

- if at anytime you are pkok and are killed by another person you have oked you may unok them imeditately after a death at their hands

Hmm think thats it for now, I probably have forgotten to mention a point or two I had thought about but I'll append later if I did.


From: LadyAce Saturday, September 11, 08:21PM

read next This sounds very similar to what we're working with, except that I don't think we'll make it take so long nor cost so much to unpkok people. Also, it's a full swap-over, as far as I know there won't be 'oldstyle pkenabled' and 'new pkok'ers'. But yes, this is the basic idea.



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