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Posted by Brew on 09/11

I'm not around much so I'm not too sure how PK-OK will work exactly but I was wondering if there was going to be a function to PK-Ok everyone and then, after So-And-So is deemed to have a personal vendetta against you and you would rather not have them hiding behind every corner in an attempt to kill you everytime you go mob hunting, to have them be Not-Ok. Kind of how you can befriend all and then un-befriend people as you see fit? I realize this should cost something, probably experience, since it's similar to un-enabling, just selectivly. But if PK-some is going to be ONLY agree'd upon duels...I would rather be PK-ok all..

half the fun of PK is the suprise factor, in my opinion (ofcourse..

the validity of my opinion is subject to debate, since I've never pk'd) or maybe PK-OK can have 4 options: none some all duel

duel being ask first and some being selective-all I think a fitting xp cost for un-oking somone should be the cost of a death. This would keep people from un'oking multiple people at one time and allow for it to be graduated per level to allow for those of us who are rather slow levelers. Ofcourse..if we are un-oking somone who just mult'd us...

it's another multi :)

-Just a thought on a subject I know next to nothing about...



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