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Posted by Darkheart on 09/16

K, i've reported this bug roughly two or three weeks ago, and it still hasn't been fixed.

Here's the summary

upon death, re-entering the game, the mud fails to calculate the ac bonus given to those with high perception -- that is my best guess so far, as when I rent out after death (fully) and come back, i regain the -15acs that was taken away from me upon death.

at least place a note saying that you're looking into it? only thing i can do to not get annoyed by that bug is trying not to die :p


From: Auriel Sunday, September 12, 11:55PM

This same bug has been occuring with create shields, for several weeks. So you have to drop shield, rent out, and come back in and wear shield again.

From: LadyAce Monday, September 13, 02:13PM

Yes, we know about the bug, and we have not yet been able to fix it. I hadn't heard the theory that it was perc-based, but I'll make sure the coders know.



From: Azash Monday, September 13, 06:44PM

If you are cause mage and you will die with armor spell, it's the same as you wrote here. You lost a ac till you rent out again.


From: Ton Thursday, September 16, 12:09PM

I have naturally -104 ac, I die and I come back into the game with -89 ac with all my eq on. (er, once I get it) no spells, no perc bonus. Just pure eq ac. Maybe its a certain peice of eq that gives -15 ac? Maybe a certain new HOL footwear? Just a guess.



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