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Posted by Darkheart on 09/18

It's quite pointless and buggy, imho, that hidden exits cannot be used to flee. Fix it!


From: Rufus Saturday, September 18, 01:58AM

High perc allows you to SEE hidden exits, it doesn't make them large enough to flee thorugh. Think of hidden exits as those small passages in a bush, a crack in the rocks that others wouldn't notice, etc. You cannot FLEE through them because they take some uncovering to actually move through. That is what is represented, and just because you died three times because of this, doesn't mean that it's a bug. Deal =)


From: Darkheart Saturday, September 18, 02:23AM

heh, fair enough, but i don't think those hidden exits in the desert qualify as those "small passages" "crack in the rock" etc. either case, that's that.

From: Thyme Saturday, September 18, 08:42PM

don't know if one has anything to do with the other, but here goes.

I fled from a mob in hell a few days back, and somehow ended up on a path to Flagg's house through a hidden exit, which of course could simply be a bug. I don't know hell much at all, though.

From: Rufus Saturday, September 18, 09:56PM

Well, I wouldn't consider it a bug... but exits don't necessarily have to conform to being reciprocal (reciprical? sorry, tired). Also we're limited by only having the 4 cardinal directions and up and down. Therefore there may be places where exits lead only in one direction, and are not secret on both sides. Kinda like a roach motel... you can flee in but you can't flee out.



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