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Posted by Jen-Jen on 09/26

1: This is not fingerpointing

2: Think about what's been going on with LegendMUD

3: Go to the following URL and read it.

4: Think about what's been going on with LegendMUD

From: Davien Friday, September 24, 08:16AM

Nice Link Jen. I think that guy hit the nail pretty close to the head and that the points that he made apply to all muds. Then again pretty much everyone knows where I stand on the issue after the 'bug' that saw create mages hobbled. It survived how many years before being fixed? How long does something have to last to be a feature? Create magic was in before choke. Does that mean choke is one big bug? Watch out all you people who like the skill!

Davien Holyoake.

From: Ton Friday, September 24, 12:59PM

Great link. I haven't been on too many muds but I feel that Legend is taking a downward turn in the time I have been here, this article does seem to explain some of the resons why. I suggest that imms and morts alike at least skim it. (its long)

After reading this, I wonder how many of the last few changes that have gone in have been imp'd with purely balance in mind, and how many with purely fun in mind? Housing looks to me like it was put in for no balance reason, but for fun. -clap- But so many of the recent coding changes have been balance issued, and have been detracting from the fun that one player, myself, has had here. I can't speak for everyone, but I assume that I am not alone. Yes, balance is important. But it should not be so important that it goes before making a mud fun to play. Davien seem that hes suffered from a balancing act that has reduced his fun.

In balancing repeatedly, I see the outcome being what balancing was trying to cure. If balancing continues for a long time, every character will be basically the same. Oh, they might have cause and create spells, but there won't be any real difference. No advantages for cause in one situation, and create in another. Every character will be the same. Looking back 3 or 4 years, thats what was here then too. Dex ruled, you had con until you got to 50th, characters were the same! (90% we'll say)

In my opinion, and it is just one players opinion, every type of character should be different. Each should excel in certain situations, and suck in other situations. Trying to balance this discrepancy out will ruin the fun here! Not every character should be able to kill the same mobs solo, not every character should be able to use the same tactics, etc. You get the idea.

Read the page, think about where things are going here, how many people have left lately, and how the fun can come back here. This should not be a game of purely numbers, hittables, damage rolls, xp scales. It should be fun.

Ton - the betrayed

From: West Friday, September 24, 02:45PM

I think the article does make a few good points, but the situation is more complicated. Note that the author of the article left his previous mud, which he loved and enjoyed, on bad terms. The article dates to the same year that he left the mud. In my opinion, the problem that I'm encountering -- I won't say we because I really don't know how everyone else feels -- deals not only with the Immortals and their decisions, but with the players as well. Gwendolyn's post on the news board basically covers what I feel is wrong with that aspect of Legend.


From: Daedalas Saturday, September 25, 02:16AM

Just look at the different steps described on the page.

Then, compare to how things were 5, 4, 3, 2, and just one year ago.

It was fun while it lasted.

-Jack Goffelyn

From: Darkheart Saturday, September 25, 06:30AM

that article has been out there a while, and think somebody else on this mud referred me to it a while back with the xp scale change. in any case, there's really not much one can do to stop ppl from being disinterested from a place -- it happens no matter how good the mud is (if this doesn't apply to you, at least in cycles, you should consult a doctor). the best one can hope for is to have at least the mature folk to realize that they're leaving not because of the code or players but due to their own personal reasons.


From: BenKanaan Sunday, September 26, 06:13AM

Whether the authour of the article left his mud on bad terms or not is a minor point..He -still- addresses topics that should be of vital concern to anyone who cares about this mud..

So it is well worth reading, analyzing, and introspection, if you agree with the points made there or not..

One of the greatest dangers could be that one doesn't recognize the situation for what it is...


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