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Joint Bank Accounts for Married Couples

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Posted by Brew on 12/12

Isn't it a pain for married couples to have a house when it's in one person's name and therefore only one person can deposit the funds necessary to maintain the upkeep on the house? Couldn't we formulate a half-clan code for families? Parents (and perhaps kids) can deposit into a family account maintained strictly for housing.\ Just something I've submitted on the idea command a couple times (or maybe just once)

-Brew (yeah I'm not married...... yet -twinkle-)

From: Ton Saturday, September 25, 11:18PM

Hey, we should have loans too, and credit cards! Yeah, and maybe a stock market, and while we're at it cheques and bank cards. :P

I just think that time is better spent elsewhere than filling out the banking system here.

My 2 cents



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