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Posted by Straitos on 09/26

Alright i sorta consider myself an oldguy to this mud.

Everyone makes mistakes though and thats cause we're human My post is going to discuss some finer details so bare with me You just cant help but like someone because you know who they are that is what makes you their friends. If anyone remembers Pharooh You would look at Pharooh and all his 'clones' You just couldn't help but treat them as the same person even though they have different names.

Now I know this is going to be crossplay but its a discussion so sue me. I've had a pkiller by the name of Zero before.

Two variations of him. They were both pkillers and the first was a merc and a mage. When i perma'd the first one and I remade the 2nd one and came back. People would know it was me. Now Sandra if my memory serves me correctly, we do have an OOC relationship that goes through characters. When i was leveling up the 2nd Zero you helped me out with an alt. But Why? Zero was just a simple newbie that was made. But wait I know why. You the person behind the alt knew my previous alt pretty well. Is that something you could cuont as crossplay? Something for you to think about cause we are just humans and make mistakes.

From: Diamond Sunday, September 26, 08:45AM

What post on the warboard? -boggle-

I would say, I normally assume that when people make a new char with the same name as the old one, it -is- the same character, no big deal there. Besides, crossplay isn't illegal unless it involves breaking other rules. Crossplay in itself is 'merely' frowned upon.

Diamond Grendelbane


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