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Posted by Dune on 10/18

I have some complaints about legend and here are my ideas on how to make it a better place. These are just my opinions.

1. Lets put in PKOK ASAP! Weird coming from me, huh? Im going to miss the thrill factor etc, but thesedays the pk population is so low that giving up the thrill for more people to duel is becoming worth it.

2. Lets get rid of spam. I have so many ideas for cool characters that just wouldnt be competitive cause they arent poulticers. Seems that HANDS DOWN, the best pkers are spam poulticers. Lets see, about 3-4k rent to spam poultice. Thats enough rent to upgrade 2 items to hernes horns.. +12 damage. Whats stronger? a character with 0 damage roll and 1200 hps, or one with 12 damageroll and 500 hps? What choice would you make?

And yeah yeah, I could beat most pkiller poulticers while not being one, and so could Darkheart or Craven, and a FEW other veterans that got sick of poulticers, and remade as weaker but more interesting non-poulticing pkillers. However, I cant beat a poulticer that has the experience of Darkheart or Craven. In the near future, Ill post EXACT instructions on how to make a nearly invincable pkiller, maybe people would make them and force imms to make a change.

Anyway, next item...

3. Lets adopt a hardline towards immature players that monopolize chat. I dont mind an increase in the role of big brother... if they whine, limit them, and fast. They will stop in no time. I would give up some of my freedoms to silence the brats.

Its not pk thats going down the tube... Its legend's amazing ability to attract more and more immature players. There are about 8-9 regulars now, that are always causing trouble. Its nothing to do with PK. Pk just sets up a lot of situations where their immaturity can really cause problems. In other words, its not a PK problem, its a maturity problem. PK just provides something for them to bicker about. Pay attention like I have, and you will notice that the same players argue and bicker over non-pk issues...not quite as often as pk issues but doing equivelent damage to legend.

What happens, (and I have seen this), is that a new player to legend would log on to check it out.. right in the middle of some ridicules bickering over whatever matter. The new player sees that all the immature bickering is tolerated, decides that its not the place for him/her, and leaves. Immature players however, more often stay. What you get is HighschoolDisEachOtherMud.

So, yeah yeah, when the trees come in, when the trees come in... whatever. Ive been waiting 3 years for the trees. Rather than wait "for the trees", lets put in some fixes NOW. So that there will still BE a playerbase "when the trees" come in. I spoke to Rufus and he said something about December being the LATEST. If thats so then its fine, right around the corner. But then I see a certain post on the welcome board of his, and it makes me think that there are problems in the heavens, and that the imms dont have it together thes edays.

If nothing is possible of the 3 things I said, lets at least give a huge increase in power to Admins. Let them limit, delete, whatever I dont care... If Legend were a country, then its time for a change in government. The democracy isnt working out as well... free speech has deteriorated to immature slander. Moral is lower than ever. I hate to say it, but maybe its time for dictatorship in legend. If they go against flow, behead them.

People seem to blame the players thesedays for all the problems on legend. Well, newsflash, human nature didnt change in the past few years. People are the same as they always were, just the urn of samples and the way of dealing with them has changed. In the old days, when imms had balls, they didnt allow half the crap that is tolerated now. For example, dont forget, imms like Satsu, that, years ago, were mega-harsh when dealing with delinquent players. Once there was a friend of mine that swapped between his level 11 character and his level 21 character. To punish him, Satsu DELETED his level 50 pkiller (Wolverine if you need names). He never cheated again. What would happen today? Major warning in the name of the offending character? Why not cheat? you are allowed a few warnings before deletion per character.. right? Why not use them up? Thats the reasoning that a lot of characters have these days.

How many times have you seen someone do this:

[Chat] Moron: you are a f---, [so and so], attacking when I was not eq'ed and then

[Chat] Moron: -waits to be warned- -cackle-

Thats because a warning for language on chat means nothing and they know it. They know they are going to get warned (half the time they even address it!), its a minor one, so whatever, so they dont care, its worth it, and they do it. The punishment for it is NOTHING compared to the damage it could do... scare away a new player that happened to log on for the first time during some arguement. Bah, Im so sick of all this. While a true solution is complicated, the general direction to go about it, is very clear, at least to me.

So think about my 3 ideas to re-vitalize stuff, please. PK is more boring than ever. No character variation on the high level is really killing me (even on the low level its tough with snipers having 70 hp backstabs at level 25). Get rid of spam! Make the exsistence of the augment skill make expert skills not availiable, like kere and vina being one or the other but not both. Do something, its out of hand. Trust me, I had a pkiller (Poetry) that would win 35 fights in a row cause of spam poultice. I permaed her out of pure lack of fun.

The advice is coming from my heart, as someone that really enjoys legend and doesnt want to see it fade away. And step up the sense of urgency... these problems have exsisted for a while now. Its time to fix them, even at a heavy cost and risk if necessary.

---BTW BRAVO to the imms for increasing xp on mobs killed that are above your level. Im thanking the imms for all of us. We all appreciate it whether or not we take the time to post about it.---

And all the little punks, you can thank god its not:

[Admin] Dune Modele.

or you would be history.

From: Themus Tuesday, October 12, 12:17PM

Yes I agree with Dune about NO_SPAM

Im a spam augmenting PKiller myself..and franky... it has become a bore.

Im a 'very' bad PKiller myself..the only way i win is by augmenting and thats kinda...well...cheating if you will. Using 4k rent to have unlimited life, plus the mob healers. If your going to allow spam healers, you should take away dead-eye and expert or something.

I think that we should eliminate spam alltogether so I can create a str or vina mage PKer and actually stand a chance :) (has been wanting to create those a long time)

Themus, son of Ares

From: Sinister Tuesday, October 12, 01:36PM

I have to agree to agree with every single word of Dune. Every. At 100%..go Dune immort! :P

-w/o kidding, Dune's 100% right-

From: Fraegis Tuesday, October 12, 01:52PM

Amazing, but I agree with Dune. If you try to type "help rules", and see the punishments listed there for each warning you give, you will also notice they are a little more harsh than a verbal or minor warning. Why not use them, or at least change the help file if they are never to be used?


From: Ironwood Tuesday, October 12, 02:00PM

Even if Dune's listed methods do not agree with everyone, I am sure most agree a change is needed. This is a Beta test, lets give it a test!

From: Suicide Tuesday, October 12, 03:28PM

ok, First I agree with all of Dune's points, but I disagree that admin should be given more power. ALL IMMS should be given more power.. These people are imms on the game we love and play, why is it not feasable that ALL of them can't delete, limit, even siteban, etc?

hrm, spam.. I -heard- Dune has 3 sets of EQ, giving him 2 different sets of -spam- eq, if this is true, I can hardly help but laughing, although spam needs to be history, and it needs that now.

anyway, enough for now, have fun.

From: Ton Tuesday, October 12, 04:35PM

Spam should be history immediately if at all possible. But that is hardly the problem here!

From: Rufus Tuesday, October 12, 11:49PM

I coded gradual stats today. It has some tweaking and testing left to do, but I also made it so that we can turn it on and off when the mud's up in case there's a problem with it.


From: Darkheart Wednesday, October 13, 07:29AM

no spam would make things truly interesting, although it does rob us of the two-in-one char factor. really did enjoy having a char that enjoyed from having heaps of damroll and heaps of hps for a bit (agni, mo, wuss) but it is true that chars like that take away the fun factor when playing itty bitty chars like papercut or darkheart.

sides, i'm seriously sick of watching demitri get to dying, back to full, get to dying, get to full, and repeat that until i land a 4 round para or mid-combat snipe.


From: Darkheart Wednesday, October 13, 07:35AM

How hard is it (genuine question) to code such that you cannot go ld, use channels/tells/say/yell/etc., and not being able to rent or quit y for a period of time (say, roughly 1hr or even many many days)?

the char will be forced online without being able to do anything, and if he tries to log an alt it will constitute multiplay (very very very intentional one that should have all of his/her chars deleted) such that he, when wanting to even be online, has to be in the punished form?

adjusting the length of the punishment depending on the offense, it's something that will do next to no harm to those who have spit out words by mistake while giving the time needed for them to cool off (so the punishment can be used without too much worry about consequences and such), while anyone who seriously intended to cause mishap can seriously be punished?

my theory is that most ppl would hate not being able to go ld or rent out in punished form (more so if we get rid of compeletely safe rooms) for a prolonged period of time (mud should auto-log them in upon crash/reboot, too-- oh yah, add no-ooc, and when the char rents in from crash/reboot they start off at their recall spot -- so clanneds better have rented in their houses at least before trying to cross the line, else they'll be sitting ducks) and not having the option to guest or use alts during the time of punishment. for serious offenses of day or week-long 'suspensions' it could be quite a thing... esp those lowlevel clanneds...

anyway, just a thought.


From: Ariel Wednesday, October 13, 10:01AM

I'm not sure about the rest, but I expect it's impossible to prevent someone from going LD, since that's easily accomplished by disconnecting your client, quitting out of your client, or shutting off your computer :)

From: Zelda Wednesday, October 13, 10:27AM

But you could probably stop them from auto-renting - and logging on a char while one is link-dead is still multi-play. This is interesting because it gets around the problem of using site-ban which punishes innocent players on the same site..which I always assumed is the reason some people are not site-banned despite having a zillion warnings.

From: Chimera Wednesday, October 13, 01:23PM

I completely agree with Dune. No spam/actual warnings/PKOK will be a good beginning to making the mud a better place. I think it's important to realize that even with those, we'll all still have to work to make the mud a better place. Even with these new features installed, we the playerbase will still be responsible for the environment of the mud. If we could code common decency and general niceness, it'd be a lot easier to maintain this place. But we can't. And barring Big Brother Thought Control, never will be able to. So while I agree with Dune, I think we all have to be aware that this isn't a final solution, and without increased decency/friendliness etc., they'll just be more features.


From: Craven Wednesday, October 13, 07:34PM

so when you gonna start practicing what you preach chimera?

From: Solomon Thursday, October 14, 09:07AM

Warnings with teeth is a great idea, but it can't be implemented by the imms one at a time, so that dig at Chimera isn't particularly helpful.

People may remember that, during my time as an assistant admin, I would give warnings for every instance of profanity or cheating. No verbal warnings, which seems to be exactly what we're discussing here. My point of view was that if I warned you verbally, no other imm would know. If another imm warned you verbally, then I had no way of knowing. It's easier to skirt the rules.

I considered warnings to be merely a book-keeping feature, so imms could know that you had been warned on this issue before and were aware that you weren't to do it again. However, because I was doing it without a clear policy from the department, I ended up looking harsh and mean. I also favored actually penalizing repeat offenders with loss of eq, xp, etc., but never even tried it -- again, because it wasn't department policy.

I understand the frustration around the current warning policy, but it can't be implemented by one imm. It must be a department policy, clearly articulated and broadly publicized, so that players know what is expected of them and what the consequences are.

From: Pharku Monday, October 18, 09:15AM

Wow, I really am telepathic, thanks for typing all that for me Dune.


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