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Charmed mobs and their eating habits

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Posted by Nietzsche on 10/15

Was this ever a bug in the first place? Seems a bunch of recent changes seem to be targeting create mages. Now, after having fully equipped a doppelganger or a greater demon, create mages can no longer heal their charmies with glowing roots, so must now have to let them perish and use up a big wad of mana to create another charmie (especially annoying when you have managed to 'control' a greater demon.) Cause mages still can cast cure light or cure critical on their charmies but the create mage no longer can heal theirs. Unfair. So I wonder if this was even a bug to begin with.

From: Sandra Thursday, October 14, 11:46PM

No, at first, all charmed mobs were made to be affected by hunger/ thirst. Which meant that their masters had to keep them fed and full of water for them to heal. This was later removed.(This is over a period of a few months, mind you) However, charmed mobs were then able to eat infinate amounts of food, drink infinate amounts of water, causing obvious balance problems.(Think about it). That's why they are no longer able to get the affect of roots and the like. They will no longer get hungry, or thirsty, which slowed their regen(this change went in a few weeks back if I remember right). And they do heal rather fast while sleeping.

As for comparing cause mages to create mages, as I've said in the past, that's comparing apples and oranges. If you want to get technical, a cause mages summoned creature doesn't have specials, most can't wear equipment, all have MUCH less damge that they dish out, and all require an object in order to get the mob. However, again, that's comparing two completely different things.

In the long run though, I'd think this change would save the create mage mana. Instead of waiting a certain amount of time to regain all the mana from the roots you spend, you spend a few minutes waiting while the summoned mob sleeps for their hp. And from what I've seen with my own create mages, they heal rather rapidly.

Hope that answers your question.


From: Mugwump Friday, October 15, 11:24AM

MUCH more damage?? Either i'm getting cheated with weak greater elementals or my cause mage has super duper dancing swords. For half the mana cost, even a dancing schwert does as much damage as greater elementals (on average). But it is kinda comparing apples and oranges, because the elemental has a lot more hp. Different tool for different fight strategy, i guess.


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