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Posted by Brew on 10/20

how about..somewhere along the way items that do NOT take 1-3 points per tick but like the old method, happen instantly these new -high- rent items, highly sought after will allow people to be spam at a greater cost than before. Obviously you wouldn't be able to make a whole eqlist from items as such, but perhaps one or two items, ofcourse not net +5 but more like 2-3, kept in waiting until you needed to regen, or a quick stat boots to pick a lock, or bash down a door.

Even better, in the bash door instance, a nifty 5k +10str -10 mind, that when taken off instantly reduces your str, but the mind is +1-3 points per tick....

Neat things to add billions of lines of code, yanno?

Just a wierd Idea

From: Darkheart Wednesday, October 20, 07:32AM

there are such things already, tho i'm fairly positive that they're not intended... actually, considering that i haven't tried no-spam code yet, i can't say for sure. but unless the imms were especially careful this time around, i can think of heaps of eq that could be spammed... sorta :p


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