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Posted by Croaker on 10/22

Interesting article on pk - some applies to Legend - some probably applies to YOU. Be sure to check out the link at the end to Bartle's classic essay.


From: Craven Friday, October 22, 10:09AM

Craven Type-

Craven types tend to Pk because...that's just what they do! They don't know why anymore, they've been a pkiller for so long that they've forgotto what life as a non pk was like. They know there was some reason they did it originally, but damned if they can remember. They tend to use differen tactics from one game to the next, although they do usually have some particular favorite, and they don't care about being killed because they weren't hoping to accumulate points anyway, its just a minor inconvience. They can be alright at pkill, but tend to also be selective. If they know they have your respect, and respect you in turn, you're pretty well safe frm them. They don't like to be thought of as bullies, and will therefore give you a much fairer chance then provers do, though not too fair, losing isn't on their agenda either.

From: Zelda Friday, October 22, 12:53PM

There is another good article there called 'its only a game'.


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