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Posted by Rufus on 10/31

Since this thread will eventually pop up, I'm going to give it a home. First off, I have tested this in a very limited scope, but I was happy with the controlled results. You guys get to do the big test on it, and if it doesn't work, we'll recompile and I'll rethink my code. Just try to be constructive, saying 'it sucks' without any justification won't help me fix the problem(s) at all.


From: Poetry Friday, October 22, 10:10AM

hehe, rufus, you know us so well

we'll go easy on you:)


From: Rufus Friday, October 22, 10:33AM

It's not 'easy' I'm worried about. Flame me all you want. But if it's going to get fixed, I'll need input with a high signal to noise ratio. =)


From: Mariachi Friday, October 22, 11:20AM

Well the new code isn't in yet, but just thinking about being more powerful, i sniped Cian and Rhys on consecutive shots, so I like it!

Mariachi the Highly Suggestible

From: Stain Sunday, October 24, 06:23PM

I -=try=- to be constructive, but sometimes the frustration of being completely ignored sorta helps me along to one of those "Mr Hyde" moments :P

I will be happy even if all that's changed is that with 95 perc I can't shoot wide 3 times in a row against the same target. (thinks same-room shots should be more accurate, too, since they have a really bad percentage with 'going wide')

From: Tigereye Monday, October 25, 05:55AM

Has the new shoot code made sniping impossible?

I haven't got 1 snipe out of like 50-60 attempts after the new shooting code went in..

Is sniping impossible now, extremely improbably, or am I just having bad luck?

Or is it a bug?



From: Rufus Monday, October 25, 08:59AM

I'll look into the snipe formula. I figured it was probably too low, but better to start low and work up than the other way around.


From: Tigereye Sunday, October 31, 01:49PM

Hm, the modification to the sniper formula doesn't seem to have improved things much.. I have spent 3 full "possible's" bags trying to get a snipe, and failed..I have 100 perc. Maybe I've had extremely bad luck, but I actually haven't heard that anyone else did manage to get a snipe either. So, where do we stand? Oh, btw, does the modified snipe formula affect the deadeye skill too? Because my archer hasn't been very successfull either, but I didn't test that as extensively as sniping. Tigereye


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