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common, atleast give us back tumble

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Posted by Blackthorne on 10/25

Ok maybe its just my warped sense of reality but i think tumble should have its original stats put back. Why? I dont think you need that much perception to tumble out of a bash, headbutt, or if you fall how much perception do you need to know that your falling-boggle-. Bash and headbutt are obvious moves. Now dodge i can see as needing perception, look at how dodge works, its the actual attacks that you dodge, not the specials, you need a good eye to catch how fast there going and dodge these attacks.

I dont want to sterotype all imm's but it seems like their pushing for a sniper mud. Why? I dont know, someone explain this to me? I have nothing against snipers, fine people they are, i just dont want to be one. Im trying hard not to complain about grad stats but i just feel that tumble should be put back the way it was.

Blackthorne the now totally useless character

From: Blackthorne Saturday, October 23, 09:19PM

I dont want to make it sound like i dont like any of the new ideas. The string idea is a great one and am glad to see it put in.

From: Darkheart Saturday, October 23, 09:46PM

tumble is a bit tougher than dodge, so its stats are a bit higher than that of dodge. sounds fairly fair to me.

From: Stewart Sunday, October 24, 01:28AM

A sniper mud?

I wish. as things stand, snipers about on of the most under powered (and most fun to play) char types out there. With the previous system my friends str/con tumbled more than his dex/per. A change was needed. Personaly, i'm more than happy with the tumble change, snipers need something more in their favor.


From: Stain Monday, October 25, 06:43AM

still can't tumble stuns for jack, kinda sad to see that changed makes it a lot more difficult to fight mages now. My fighter used to either die or avoid fighthing mages since I knew I would take at least 1 wfw stun. Now that my sniper can't tumble those any better than a fighter char, I have to stay away from mages again, kinda one of the reasons I wanted to be a sniper (so I could hunt everyone and have half a chance to win if I was on)

hmmm, didn't mean I stopped tumblin' stuns when the new tumble code went in, just that sometime not too long ago perc/dex chars stopped dodgin' that spell. Used to see Drakkon dodge them over and over and over.. now I am lucky if I tumble 1, and with wfw frequency, it's kinda painful :P

anyway.. (ramble) (ramble) (rant)


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