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Posted by Suicide on 10/24

ok, is it just me, or is this being done at all?

I mean, would it be so difficult to put it in the LT per request? I know I've asked for about the past 6 months at Q&A for it, and I keep getting told it'll be done. Well, it hasn't.

My only two guesses is that the lotto was a cheap way to make people think that they would be compensated for actually caring, when truly there was never a plan to do such, or..

I'm being ignored, which is fine, but don't tell me your going to put something in and then keep saying that for 6 months, ignoring me, it's VERY annoying.


From: LadyAce Sunday, October 24, 05:17PM

I don't remember you ever asking for it to be put into the LT, certainly not every week for 6 months! I do remember you asking once or twice if they were happening, and me reassuring you that they were -- Chimera does them. I'll pass along the suggestion, but it doesn't change the fact that the bug/typo lotteries have indeed been happening regularly for many months now.


From: Tarn Sunday, October 24, 06:37PM

They have been happening. One of my chars (this one, I think) got a token for using the idea channel.


From: Chimera Sunday, October 24, 11:17PM

Actually, I havn't done an idea/typo one any time recently. I haven't gotten lists too often, since Kaige isn't sorting the channel logs as often as she used to. I still run the bug lottos from Ea! almost every week, though.

As for the LT, I don't compile the results to a god board post or anything like that, so basically the only people who know who won are myself and those who won. If you had asked me, however, I would have been happy to put the results in the LT, or on the welcome board or something. Since this is the first I'd heard about it, I was under the impression that it wasn't a big deal.



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