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Posted by Davien on 10/29

ok I just read what Skar wrote about an arcane weapon type and I think this would be an absolutly excellent idea. By far the best suggestion that has come along that I can think of in the last 6 months. If I didn't have concentrate on my fight stat, I could get a little damroll and a few more Hp at the expense of a little armor and hitroll and I would seriously welcome that opportunity. I wouldn't have more than 50 in each of those stats so I can't see how it would be overbalancing. It just sounds like an excellent solution to the current problem. As a dex mage I have no HP or damroll but I hit a lot. As a mind mage, I could do a little of all of them, but none well, just as we all imagine mages should be.

As well as helping mages, it would put back some of the variety that I believe gradual stats will remove, at least until the new skills come in. Druids and surgeons could hugely benefit from the introduction of a mind weapon. There are a few that have 100 mind now, and they would just be wonderful people under that system.

Please, please, please, please, please implement this idea as a way of really levelling out the classes and the fight system if nothing else.

Davien Holyoake

From: Rosette Friday, October 29, 12:10AM

yeah, maybe then I can kill something all by myself!

And while you're at it, lower the con req on meditate. That kills me more than the spirit.

Rosette Milano, wimpy surgeon-bard

From: Brew Friday, October 29, 12:52AM

lets see...

there's a mind con weapon, and a mind dex weapon

I am not sure about str...

however there are plenty of other stats a 100mind mage needs, so I'm sure the weapons there are now can easily be supplimented into could always use more dex and there is a dex str weapon.

However I do agree there are very few mind weapons, but then the conventional weapon doesn't lend it self to intelligence, does it?

An arcane weapon, of sorts, should have a low dam roll, a low hit roll and probably not have that many attacks.

It would be nice if it was +mind...however it should definatley have some serious special effects, similar to a wand.

Just my thoughts :)

Yeah, i love magic

From: Darkheart Friday, October 29, 03:24AM

If there was to be an arcane weapon that did damage according to the wielder's mind, it should be neither piercing, bludgeon or slash, getting 0 fight stat bonuses, while sapping mana every fight round for damage. Should be susceptible to magic sinks, and could not probably parry with it.

The reason i say this is that otherwise it'd be just way too powerful. Regular damage + extra spell damage chance every round is something fairly lethal, especially if the wielder can back it up with a few spells (if it were to do 100mind damage on the special). Imagine a trident wielding 100 mind mage. Although i personally never tried checking the dam at higher mind, a person such as that would be doing 90ish pts on a round if an immolate goes off! considering its chance of going off while the opponent is stunned, heck, a wfw combined with immolate the damage in one round can go up to a whopping 300 or so. Yowzers.


From: Rufus Friday, October 29, 11:06AM

Spells that go off on weapons do not consult the wielder's mind for damage, they're handled independantly based on the cast level of the spell on the object (which is set by builders). Some spells even just use a generic damage formula with nothing based on anything else (er, other than) straight numbers.



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