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New Spam Idea for lowbies.

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Posted by Azaziar on 10/28


I am a druid from Ireland level 2. While playing i noticed that with the spam thing makes it very hard for characters under level 10 to buy gear and know that they have reached the actual net value in skills with gear.

How hard it will be do know what you have to buy to get the skills and spells that you would like to learn.

I am thinking about a command that will let you know you are at the end of the gear change counter and you are net stats so you can do an allskill say determine what you may still need and get those skills determine what you man still need and get those skills or words

Was just thinking about it maybe it is not a good idea i dont know but it is frustrating wondering if you should buy that gold ring and then boom crash reboot its not there

Azaziar the woodsman

From: Suicide Thursday, October 28, 09:19PM

that could be as simple as getting output from the mud stating, "you have reached your maximum stats with your eq.

From: Ea! Thursday, October 28, 09:36PM

Expect to see a change to the attributes command in the next few weeks to allow character less than level 10 tell whether they're at their eventual stats.



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