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Grad stats, mage balancing: pk p.o.v

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Posted by Darkheart on 11/08

First off, I'd like to make it very clear that this piece is from the pk point of view, not keeping in mind so much the mobkilling element to grad stats and mages in general.

Getting to the point, even when sacrificing stat points for no-spam meditate, any 100 mind mage can have a 100 fight stat. Will that mage be efficient is another problem, but at least it is possible, so the bruhaha over a mage not being an expert fighter is rather moot. What mages cannot accomplish, at least those with 100 mind, is having TWO 100 fight stats, which, of course, non-spell casting chars can easily accomplish, as well as certain combination of 2nd c chars. Second case in point is spell damage. Spells, as far as damage is concerned, do far more than skills. Other than snipe and backstab, i personally can't think of a skill that will match a spell in sheer damage. However, spells are limited in number thanks to mana, and thus cannot be 'spammed' into thin air while specifying a target (some spells cannot be spammed even when target isn't specified), which limits (thankfully) their power in pkill. In mobkill this is far less a problem, as mobs usually don't start fights with a skill, leaving you the pulse to cast a spell.

As a pker who recently was forced (by sirens, sniff) to switch his gear from a fighter-mage (i.e., mage stats barely meeting spellcasting minimum) to a mage-mage (maxed out mind), I can certainly tell you that mage-mages aren't underpowered. The catch, however, is using whatever benefit you have to the maximum and realizing where those benefits lie. (I personally had to rely much much much less on healing as a mage than i did as a fighter-mage, not that the latter was less fun)

In mobkill, as far as i'm concerned, either does well enough thanks to stun. With the newly improved xp-scale, it's come to the point where xpruns are a silly things of the past -- you simply join sl or pd runs and it's moot to argue solo runs. Solo runs are for pkers like me who like being able to break out from the run at the sight of prey.

Granted most chars will now be a few points short in their "fighting" gear when they are opting for meditate, it won't make enough of a difference to spell a char's end. As for druids, it could be said they're actually worse off (or rather, the attraction of tara is now worse) as they are for ced to opt for high spirit in order to reap the benefits of that hometown.


From: Davien Friday, October 29, 03:12PM

100mind + 100dex + 50 + 40,40 = 330 leaving 19 for the last one. With 19 in that stat you would have trouble walking, most weapons would be beyond you and if someone in your PK scenario hit you with weaken.... No one ever said 100 mind/dex was impossible, just that its impractical Same for the other types, the weaknesses outweigh the advantages at that point. If thats how it works out, then thats the way it should be, but using it as a justification just because it can be done?

As to the matter of concerning only pkill..... thats what, 1/3 of the players. Maybe you guys should only get 1/3 of the changes in the code? Certainly doesn't seem that way from where I stand.

Davien Holyoake.

From: Suicide Friday, October 29, 04:57PM

just a thought.. 30% of a backstabs maximum damage was removed, in reference to that.. that a mighty big change anyway you choose to look at it.

old backstab= 100hp

new backstab= 70hp

the math is quite simple.

quite, rather.

From: Rufus Friday, October 29, 05:09PM

old: 127, new: 70% of 127 =)


From: Darkheart Friday, October 29, 09:52PM

100dex/mind, 40spi/per, 50con, 19str. that's far more than enough if you have the str spell, or just knock a point from con, dex or mind, it doesn't make a whit of a difference.

Or try it with meditate, you have enough for 40 con and 21 str. If you're pk, knock an additional point off dex/mind dropping either to 99, you have 22 str becoming weaken proof.

And pkers do mobkill as well. If things affect unclanned, you can be more than sure it effects pkers far more. Of course I won't mind having meditate req be ultra low, but not more than i'd like stats for snipe being lower... If it happens to be out of my current char's reach, that's that.


From: North Monday, November 08, 03:55AM

I think he meant 100 dex/mind, 40 con/perc, 50 spirit, and 19 str... to maintain 3rd circle and no-spam mana regen skill. Also, create doesn't have a strength spell, and strength flavored items/potions wear off quickly.



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