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gust of wind TOO POWERFUL

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Posted by Kaeos on 11/05

WTF is up with the gust of wind spell? I've had that spell done to me several times while not wearing any suseptable eq and its done the following points of damage. 63, 72, 88, and 90! This is too powerful and I'm sure most would agree. Backstabs were downgraded to doing less damage and waiting a whole damn tick before doing it again. Gust of wind on the other hand does way more damage than a 100 perc backstab on the average AND can be done every other round AND sets the opponent to sitting. Now if that's not overpowered, I don't know what is. I hope to see the damage of this spell downgraded in the near future cause its too strong in pkill.

Kaeos...Demonic Order GM.

From: Darkheart Friday, October 29, 03:14AM

weird, when we test it out among mages it does 50-51pts max.

From: Lancelot Friday, October 29, 04:19AM

ok I dont think its ass bad as you say it is Perhaps it did that much damage I dont know but its still not that good

First off you must be in a outdoor room to use it Which really hurts a mage from useing it cause lots of indoor rooms in the mud

Next again another sniper complaing about BS

BS is the best skill in the game and a tick is not a long time from what I heard backstab did over damcap before and that was the last time its damage was downgraded

And if gust of wind did do over damcap then that should be fixed, but again its not as good as you make it seem


From: Ariel Friday, October 29, 09:59AM

Weird, I've never found the spell to be that powerful. Not to be a jerk, but are you sure you're not including round damage in with those numbers?

From: Keldon Saturday, October 30, 12:46PM

hmm..I tried gust about 4 times

did 40, 42, 45, 51

From: Kundry Sunday, October 31, 04:25AM

Tested as a cause mage, 40 41 46 50.


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