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Posted by Skar on 11/08

I think a neat druid skill would be one that summoned tree spirits, similar to other charmed mobs. You'd have to be outdoors and be near a tree of course. If there were several types of trees, you could pick which one. Perhaps not all types of trees would have spirits, but the traditional ones associate with druidism would.

Tree spirits should be susceptible to chop and fire; I'm not sure if they should have any resistances or immunities. I'm drawing a blank on special attacks too.

Regardless, I think such a skill would be a welcome addition to the druid skill set

From: Elisa Saturday, November 06, 04:41PM

A special attack could be teh tree pelts you with cones, or worse: those horrible spiky balls from liquid amber. Lima druids could have different trees that they summon, to reflect a different hemisphere. I would summon macrocystus, but alas, I am no druid.

From: Suicide Saturday, November 06, 10:02PM

I'm all for anything thaty helps druids!


From: Sandman Sunday, November 07, 10:24PM

I would suggest something to that affect as well.. it sounds like a great idea and a feasable one at that. It would make since to see a full druid with an option to connect to nature or maybe even animals as drawn in pets/summons.

Nice idea,


From: Mariachi Monday, November 08, 10:34AM

This has to be one of the niftiest ideas i heard in awhile. I think that Sandman's idea about the animals would be neat too, as like a lesser version of this. (like how there's homunculi, doppels, and various different mage summonses, there could be li'l animals, faerie-types, big animals, and tree-spirit types, or other spirits depending on where you're from, where you are...) anyway I think it sounds neat.



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