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Posted by Rosette on 11/11

I think that considering the prerequisites and min stats for lullaby, it is not as effective as it should be. As it is, lullaby is not nearly as useful as entrance, which is somewhat lower level on tree (or beginning of a tree). Lullaby should work on more mobs, last longer, and still work on a mob that has been calmed. I only ask for a little bit of reward for getting high level bardic skills. :)

Rosette Milano

From: Violence Tuesday, November 09, 10:06PM

What Rosette said.


From: Annalukshmi Tuesday, November 09, 10:57PM

I was at first troubled by the same thing. However, I increased my spirit a fair bit, and not only did my lullaby get awesome, but my surgery, entrance, calms, etc all got much better as a result.


From: Mute Thursday, November 11, 07:49AM

I have noticed these changes witht he incressed spir. Not so much with sur surgery. Myself I would like to see more of a increse in hp's per operate with extreamly high spir. I mean after all to get high spir/mind ( (for mana) One has to sacrafice all his/her fight stats

From: LadyAce Thursday, November 11, 02:03PM

Hm, are you talking London surgeons or Liman? I have seen some really incredible operates out of high-spr London surgeons. Of course, for rapid restoration of hp all in one go, you can't beat a it should be, I think. Have to have some benefits to the pain of being a druid :)



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