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Posted by Darkheart on 11/16

I'm sure the first one was an error, but it seriously stinks to see most of the mobs i kill for xp having been reduced nearly 30-50% in value. I'm not sure how it'll affect my groupies but as far as soloing goes, the reduction of xp just plain stinks.


From: Rufus Saturday, November 13, 03:03AM

I'm sorry, I really am. It was my fault that the formula was flawed in the first place (missed dividing by a variable). If you think a mob should be worth more for how difficult it is, please feel free to mudmail the builder. You likely won't see huge returns like before but you never know =)


From: Darkheart Saturday, November 13, 03:12AM

well, compared to them being worth 20k in the beginning of the new scale, it's still an improvement...

From: Ton Sunday, November 14, 07:44PM

Flashback to a week ago...

After over a year of mortal complaints about the xp scale, I am settling into this new xpbonus scale. Its not as nice to level off of as things were way back when you used to be able to kill your run of the mill mob for 110k at level 50. But after so long of complaining and pulling teeth, there was an improvement made, and a noticeable one over what existed here for about a years time. I'm actually enjoying playing my level 50's again, much more so than any other time since the change to the new xpscale almost a year ago. I'm also seeing more and more level 50's hanging around playing instead of going to play lowbies.

I don't know that this step backwards in the amount of xp awarded is a huge deal, yeah its a whole hell of a lot better still than what we've had for the last year. Kudos to the imms for (FINALLY!) changing it from the system that first replaced the old xpscale. Now for my point.

I'm not sure people realize just how much impact things like the xpscale have on the atmosphere of Legend. Yes, it does play a part in making people happy here, and happy people are fun people. I can't count the number of complaints I've heard voiced over the last year, nor how many people left the mud alltogether, because it just wasn't fun for them anymore. Some of this is too be expected with any change, but I think we'd agree that we saw too much of that.

As soon as people stop seeing characters as disposable, and really start caring about their characters, and enjoying them the overall atmosphere will improve here. Actually I think over the month? that the xpbonus was added, there has been a general bonus to how happy people have been here, how helpful they have been, and how pleasant the mud is.

Please consider that tweaking xpscales is not just a game of number crunching, but it can in fact contribute to the overall mud atmosphere, in quite a large way.

Then again, maybe I am over-anaylizing this. :)


From: Zemus Monday, November 15, 04:14AM

The XP reduction just Sucks. What the hell are you imms doing up there? You say it was a mistake how come it took sooo long to notice it? The best improvment of the mud just went down the drain

Zemus not very happy about this

From: Zelda Monday, November 15, 06:47AM

I think you should take a look at what was happening while this mistake was still in place compared to now to get some feel for what the right xp bonus should be...its very arbitrary after all.

From: Celeste Tuesday, November 16, 08:33AM

It's a huge improvement over the previous xp scale still. I -loved- the "flawed" formula, I actually thought it had all that I liked from the old xp scale with less flaws, I can live with this one, its way better than the one we've had for the last year, but still. -wistful-

And Ton has a very good point about mud atmosphere, with a generous xp bonus that makes grouping WORTH something again, people are more inclined to be social, meet more new people instead of just hanging with the same old friends, and even if they run solo, they're happier. Which makes for less grouching and more inclination to help and just... be nice.

I guess the bottom line is, I thought the "flawed" scale was pretty much perfect, but I'd rather have this one than the uh...old-new xp scale any day.



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