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Posted by Suicide on 11/30

ok, self healers are all but a thing of the past now. therefor, being from lima or londond could be a nice advantage for a sniper or hitter

lower the first aid reqs, maybe to about 35/35 (or similar) would be a great way for people from these town to heal themselves at a nice rate, and it honestly wouldn't upset any type of pk balance, or game balance period.

first aid and operate go together, hand in hand, but why? first aid is a cool skill.. sure, it's spammy.. but it's be VERY worth it to me as a sniper to drop about 30 con and get the skills needed to do it.

anyway, what is there, a 10 stat difference between operate and first aid? maybe it should be more, 35/35 is a good number, I think, and we could even make it take a bit more mana or something as a drawback to using it alot, that'd be another 13 spirit for meditate, there isn't a sniper or hitter around that could give up that mu much.

anyway, you get the point, the game is slowly dying out to me because I have to sit and heal for quite a long time. unlike others I don't level to 50 in a week by going to pd over and over, I've only been there once and I really don't care to go back. so for once, I'm asking the immortals of this game, do SOMETHING for those of us who like to get solo xp, please, and this would be perfect for it.

From: Brew Sunday, November 14, 10:49PM

how long do you think it takes to heal from being beaten within an inch of your life, to the point of a near coma?

From: Kaeos Monday, November 15, 12:04AM

-Cry- I'm a thing of the past...-sniff-


From: Darkheart Monday, November 15, 12:30AM

wouldn't mind the skill lag on first aid being reduced a tad, but not its stats

From: Danar Monday, November 15, 03:09AM

Don't we wish, Kaaeos :b Anyway. I think realistically, first aid should be way easier to learn than operate (although reality has very little to do with Legend medical skills), and for somebody who can operate, first aid is nearly pointless anyway except for solo healing. Why not lower the reqs?


From: Darkheart Monday, November 15, 04:51AM

first aid is indeed easier to learn than operate, and much more so, in fact.

From: Woe Sunday, November 21, 07:15PM

Just another issue relating to first aid.

I had gained the stats required and learned the skill some time ago. I can't remember if I had actually used it, but definitely I was qualified to use it. A few weeks later, I went to use it on somebody and got the message 'how can you operate if you don't know how to.. [censored game info]. Ooops scrub that first line I am referring to OPERATE not first aid :p

Apparently a pre-req for operate was added, either that or a bug which allowed people to operate without the pre-req was fixed..but I don't remember hearing anything about this and it was very disconcerting to find in the middle of a fight that I could not operate, not to mention not having another prac to learn the pre-req and so having rent space wasted on the gear to operate.

Did I just miss reading about this or what? If it was not announced, I think a bit more care needs to be taken to keep players aware of changes.


From: LadyAce Tuesday, November 30, 06:10PM

If I remember right, I was the imm Woe talked to about this -- and here's what happened: a mob had a bug in it, and was teaching surgery without requiring people to learn the pre-req skill. I added in the check. It wasn't any sort of change to anything, just a skill that you learned a bit early due to a bug.



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