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Posted by Nestor on 11/30

Ok looks cool to me if 2 redeem points would allow you to enable a char.

This would avoid ppl that love to have a challenging char to deleted him all the way every time a big change occurs and regret it after -happened to me once-

This would also be high enough xp to prevent ppl to wait for the 2 points before clanning.

And solve also, this famous L50 boredom for some guys. Well happen your thoughts bout it pliz..

(this would be 1 enable char per player still, of course)

From: Sandra Monday, November 15, 03:00PM

And also be pointless when pkok goes in. =)


From: Groth Monday, November 15, 10:44PM

-cackle Sandra- =P

From: Kaeos Tuesday, November 16, 03:05AM

when is it going in anyway?

From: Celeste Tuesday, November 16, 08:38AM

Yes when, I need to learn to run away faaaaaaaast! -eek-


From: LadyAce Tuesday, November 16, 11:03AM

The code on pkok isn't finished yet, but it is coming along really well. The last I heard, the primary remaining issue with pkok is dealing with objects & steal. Ea! hasn't had much time to work on it lately due to other issues/problems, however.


From: Vandervecken Sunday, November 21, 03:57PM

Well, if pkok is now being coded, then the guidelines must be in place. Any chance of getting a preview of the rules Ea! is working on implementing? Thanks in advance!

Captain Vandervecken

From: LadyAce Tuesday, November 30, 06:13PM

Actually, no, Vander, the guidelines aren't fully in place. It's an organic process after all, adding checks here and there to various bits of code all over the place, which query pkenabled status before allowing you to do things, etc. But we'll give you more information as soon as we have it ready and in some form that makes sense.



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