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Posted by Miles on 11/22

C prompt
C prompt run
Run prompt, run

Seriously... I'd like to see a command to basically transfer your regular prompt into the cprompt so you don't have to go through all the ADD and REMOVE steps to make them identical

From: Ironwood Saturday, November 20, 01:33AM This whole addition seems pointless to me. Can someone point out why it was coded for me?

From: Danar Saturday, November 20, 06:05AM Um...because sometimes when you're fighting, you don't want a prompt that takes up 72 characters?

Course, my prompt is still set to default.


From: Darkheart Saturday, November 20, 07:39AM I personally find it fairly nifty, i don't need to see xp, xptolevel, lead er while fighting, nor do i need to see position, max hp/ma/mv and stuff while moving around. sides, it lets me know if an agg mob or something engaged me in battle.

From: Kildare Saturday, November 20, 02:35PM I agree with DH. You want different info to be displayed in combat and out of combat, and now this possibility is supplied.

And as far as I understand, if you don't modify your combat prompt, it will be identical to start with with your normal prompt.

So simply, if you don't like the cprompt, just disregard it. Personally, I find the option great :)


From: Rosette Saturday, November 20, 03:55PM Can I set my cprompt to (what are you doing fighting? FLEE!!)> ?

From: Miles Saturday, November 20, 07:37PM As a newly started character I set up my prompt to the way I like it and when I hit combat, it was at the default so... I had to reconfig anoth another prompt...

just wondering if there was a way to make both the same with one easy step

From: Vandervecken Sunday, November 21, 03:49PM Miles, in light of your request I'm sponsoring you to go to the front of the line to join Clan Lazy. Its truly inspired by our philosophy of life.

Captain Vandervecken

From: Miles Monday, November 22, 01:20AM If I was another character, perhaps...

This character has a truly different RP than that of Lazyness Consider my player lazy, though :)


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