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Posted by Asterix on 11/23

Well, was just wondering to myself that a character is able to wear 20+ pieces of eqs yet there are mobs which only wear a few and are impossible to solo, does this means that we are bad or what? Considering that in groups, it is almost a 10 to 1 fight against certain mobs. It does leaves something to the imagined, couldn't we have more properly dressed mobs? they could be fitted nicely and the eqs just poof when they die.

Just a boaring tale.

From: Brede Sunday, November 21, 05:55PM

Or just have a larger assortment of mundane items. Nothing wrong with that, except its quite a bit more work.


From: Darla Sunday, November 21, 07:39PM

I agree there should be more mundane items. And more mundane coupons given out. Maybe if imms are open to suggestions on items from morts (especially if there is some sort of contest) this would take some of the burden of thinking up items. Of course, I have no idea what coding this would entail.


From: Darkheart Monday, November 22, 07:24AM

it'd be interesting to have them dressed with +1's or net 0s that are low rent for lowbies, or just 'good' ac eq for a hard-to-ac slot. my newbies have trouble finding good ac gear for all their slots (well, i guess i don't put in an awful lot of effort getting a burko and all) and as a lowbie there's certain good feeling you get when you know you have all your slots filled with something decent. i mean, i want some better slings and studded leather vests and stuff


From: Rufus Monday, November 22, 09:29AM

The problem with 'fully dressed' mobs is one of memory. If all mobs in the game were dressed with full sets of gear (20 items) it takes up a rather large amount of memory. (5000 x 20 x 1024 bytes, approximately). It's just not practical, really. As far as mundane items, there are already a -ton- of these things =) Thousands in fact, as most of the equipment in the game is non-stat.


From: Tatiana Monday, November 22, 10:38AM

the problem with this isn't the mudane item itself, there's more of a problem with -too- much eq for newbies. no one is honestly going to keep this gear in a final list either, so it's really pretty pointless, IMO.

-pshrug- get the tailor skill, mundane all of your items to leather hoods, etc.. and have fun. ;)


From: Miles Tuesday, November 23, 01:43AM

like a lowbie item in PD?


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