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Nickel-plated .45

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Posted by Columbus on 12/10

Uhm, my nickel-plated exploded 4x in 20rl hours of playing.

Do other guns explode so much too?

I'm just curious, because it is starting to piss me off.


From: Tyrion Friday, December 10, 07:30AM

Maybe its trying to tell you you play too much?


but yeah 4 times in 20 hours is a bit too much.

From: Stain Friday, December 10, 07:46AM

I seem to have really bad luck with guns exploding, too. Maybe, since the 'gunplay' helpfile says something about cleaning, you could add that command or something so it's not just crappy random luck deciding weather or not your gun blows up?

From: Sandra Friday, December 10, 11:57AM

Sounds just like really horrible luck. The nickel-plated has no more a chance to explode than any other gun.



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