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Posted by Brew on 12/12

I'd really like to see a quiver that you can keep permanantly... one that you can fill from other quivers and maybe a make arrow skill...

yeah yeah... skill trees...


but atleast something I can string across my back or mundane this silly rune covered quiver to since i can't use the arrows from it.. I'd just like a neater saying than Brew reloads a composite bow from a quiver.
even if it's..
Brew reloads a composite bow from a well worn quiver.
and the same goes for ammo boxes and pouches and things couldn't you have a nifty ammo holder..

I saw someone who strung their gun as a rotten tomato and they were reloading it from a box of ammo... that really messed up the image...

Hi, I'm Brew

From: Clive Saturday, December 11, 07:02PM


Why can't you use the arrows from a 'silly rune covered quiver'? I can from mine.


From: Brew Sunday, December 12, 12:05AM

Wrong arrow type for my bow...or so it says...


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