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Posted by Poetry on 12/14

Hm, either I could use 50 mana to recall, or I could carry a 125 rent scroll to do it. What would you do?

Hm, assuming I recall once per pkill fight, I Could either use a slot for 2k+ preserve item that has ZERO stats to get 50 mana for recall, or I could use a 125 rent scroll that takes no slots.

Something is weird with this. Doesnt it make sense to either raise rent for the scroll or lower the mana for the spell?


From: Groo Sunday, December 12, 09:09AM

Considering the overall flexibility and advantages of having the spell over the item I cant see the complaint. Its not like the 50 mana dissappears forever once you use it. The scroll must be purchased and carried around, while the spell is with you always once you learn it.


From: Poetry Sunday, December 12, 10:05AM

its not a complaint at all, I just think its amazing that a 125 rent item can save me 50 mana that I could use for cure crit. Im a cause that carrys new scrolls, cause its just sooo much cheaper and to my advantage to save that mana. Just doesnt make sense to me.


From: Vandervecken Sunday, December 12, 03:55PM Poetry, it doesn't make any sense to you because you're suffering under the misbelief that the world revolves around you. Well, it doesn't. The world actually revolves around ME! And since I don't know the recall spell, I find carrying the scrolls around to be perfectly sensible. You see, its all just a matter of perspective.

Captain Janke van der Vecken

From: Tarod Tuesday, December 14, 11:26AM I think Poetry's point might be, if the new scrolls are so good that even someone with the spell prefers to use them, something is wrong.

And she's not the only one. My last pkiller (c3 cause) carried about 3 new scrolls as well. For exactly the same reasons that Poetry gave.



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