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Posted by Goldberg on 12/17

I think i'd like to see a difference between parry and expert parry. Right now, i see no difference between the two skills If you comtemplate that klein folks get bonuses to regular skillsthen people from london should be able to parry better then the rest i mean you don't see people from klein having to learn expert headbutt for their bonuses and yet people from london have to learn two extra skills that don't even amount to much? iddon't know, tell me what you guys think Goldberg

From: Lethargio Tuesday, December 14, 10:02PM yes, anything that would make me better is good...up expert or down advanc ed...good either way!

From: Elisa Wednesday, December 15, 12:33AM I agree. I chose London hometown mostly for the parrying ability, and I just don't parry as much as I feel I ought to. Perhaps that is because I'm not high enough in some stat or another, but still. I just feel that I should be compensated for giving up hps by not taking as much damage. Moreover, when was the last time you dodged? Level 10? Elisa, one of the few, the proud, the London swords(wo)men

From: Amadio Wednesday, December 15, 01:34AM I think that the reason behind giving Klein characters bonuses to combat skills was that before that bonus was coded, there was really no reason to make a character from Klein. Yeah, you could forge. Whee. With Klein characters now being (at least potentially) the hardest hitters it makes Klein a valid option. Therefore, Klein characters shouldn't need to learn higher levels of combat skills (i.e. expert headbutt) to get a bonus, or else it negates the advantage of being from Klein, if you follow me. Londoners may have to learn multiple levels of parry to get the bonus, but then again, they can use guns, surgery, entrance, etc. Parry may not be the most useful skill for non-enabled folk, as most mobs have a small number of powerful attacks (soandso decimates you with his powerful pound, etc.). So, as far as I can see it, the chance of parry going off in any one given round isn't too great. However, way back when I had a sniper-type pkiller, even basic parry could make a difference, round per round, in a fight, especially against a strength-typ type. For example, if BigNasty normally gets 5 attacks per round with his Supernifty Sword of Destruction, and I can parry even one of those attacks, it might drop the damage from, say, a rip to a decimate or obliterate. Of course, this is all a combination of personal experience and conjecture and lack of sleep, so if anyone thinks I'm wrong, please say so! Amadio Alvarado, Last of the Lustful Spaniards

From: Amadio Wednesday, December 15, 01:45AM Oh, and in reply to Elisa's post, I've had pretty good luck with skills like parry and dodge. Or at least, I did before I lost all my clothes.

From: Manticore Wednesday, December 15, 04:58AM i've dodged quite a few even at lvl 50, and my alts with high perc had some insane dodging lucks (dodged two rounds in a row against sainglend). as far as parry is concerned, snipers seem to parry like madmen, tho compared to chars with 100 dex they're prolly not that much greater... sides, it's only a few % points, expert parry and regular parry. with a swept hilt, i found parry to improve quite a bit, and when creating a parry char with expert parry, i've found it pretty insane as is fighting mobs that wield a weapon.

From: Kaos Thursday, December 16, 06:10PM Yes, I agree. I hardly parry at all and Im from london. My Klien fighter parries more and all he has is the basic parry!

From: Israfel Friday, December 17, 09:21PM I think people who hardly parry at all should look at a) their weapon type because some weapons parry better than others and b) what they're fighting. I have never, to my knowledge, parried an attack from a mob that wasn't wielding a weapon. However, parry did come into play quite a bit in pk as well as with mobs that -did- wield weapons. As to Klein getting enhanced damage, I must confess, I haven't noticed any difference at all in terms of the damage I do. Of course, I'm a rather old character and I've gone through quite a few eq tweaks, upping hit/dam and all that, so I can't really say. Imho, though the Klein damage bonus might as well not exist and, for me, there is STILL no reason to make a Klein character, because I don't see any bonus, really Israfel Shadowleaf


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