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Posted by Goldberg on 12/14

This would be an interesting idea but i'm not sure about the practicality of it. We could have ooc lockers that we could use to store things like strings and maybe even timed items. The rent fee could be the same or more or whatever but it would allow us to keep things in a protected place where items won't pop.

sorry, i'm so bored all these ideas are just poping into my head =P


From: Flea Tuesday, December 14, 08:42PM

Correct me if I'm wrong, but dont imms allow you to put a string into storage? I heard something like that, but dont know if it is true. And as for storing timed items, doesn't that eliminate the main disadvantage of timed items? The fact that they 'pop' eventually?


From: Sandra Tuesday, December 14, 09:36PM

You can transfer a string to a storage item(it's like a smidge of zip). The idea is to keep the string at a reduced cost until you have the item you want to put it on, or whatever.

As for storing timed items... um, no. The ooc isn't supposed to be used that way. Equipment is ic, and needs to stay that way.



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