A Friend Who Never Knew You

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Posted by Ted Kern on May 06, 1998 at 04:22:34:


We have never met, I have never played this MUD, and did not even know of your name until I heard your sorrowful tale today. Still, the story of your tragedy has touched me deeply, and I sit here with wet eyes, and heavy heart, for it has made me think about the relationships I have developed online, playing Discworld.

We play 'games' like this one here on the Internet, often without realizing how our actions affect *real* people, perhaps thousands of miles away, on the other side of a telnet session. We form friendships that outgrow the boundaries of any simple 'game', sometimes, we even fall in love. How can this be, that we experience such profound emotion from a game, with people that we have never met face to face?

We engage in role-playing games, but more often than not, wind up playing the role of *ourselves*, whether we realize it or not, and it 'humanizes' the game. People begin to know us by our speech, emotes, and actions, and it unerringly gives them a picture into our soul, into our true selves.

I have read many heart felt goodbyes to you, and know at least one person who did know you, and they all say how wonderful a person you were while you were here. If you were still with us here on Earth, you may not have known the extent that people cared for and depended upon you, and many of them may not have understood their own feelings for you.

It is my hope that those that read of your story will reflect upon the relationships that *they* have built, playing these 'games', and try to realize the importance of building lasting, caring friendships wherever possible, because life is fleeting, and we never know when we may be called to HIS side, leaving things undone, and unsaid.

I wish I could have known you, but I will have to wait to meet you until some time in the future, when I pass beyond the bonds of Earth myself. I never knew you, but I miss you just the same.

I hope and pray that you have found peace, and know that you shall eternally dwell in the house of GOD. Farewell Karyn, you have earned your place in the heavens.

Ted Kern/aka Broadman on Discworld MUD


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