Rusalka recently graduated with a library science degree at the University of Texas, Austin. She also did an MA in English Literature from the University of Colorado. She did most of her undergraduate work at Whitman College, amidst the wheat fields of Walla Walla, WA ("the town so nice, they named it twice"). During the course of her working life, she has worked as a babysitter, an university food services worker, a writing tutor, a grader, a teaching assistant, an adjunct writing instructor, a temp, a technical writer, and currently, a humanities reference librarian at an university library where she perseveres in an neverending quest to Know Everything.

Rusalka's "Real Life" interests include books, wierd BBC shows such as "Black Adder," molecular biology, rubber stamps, Anime, and music (she plays recorders, piano, and acoutic steel string guitar).

Characteristically enough, Rusalka first learned about MUDs through a 1992 article in "The Atlantic." Alarmed to discover that her university would let her do something so shockingly unscholastic on its UNIX system, she promptly got addicted.

Rusalka's Legendary career included being the GuildMistress of the Hermetic Order, in between various bouts of being slain by the Vampire. Rusalka has won expies for her role as a GuildMistress, MUD citizen, and roleplayer, as well as for her work on Tudor England. Set in 1600, it features both Queen Elizabeth I and Shakespeare. She held the first position of Head of Player Relations where she facilitated roleplay, games, discussions, and other things that make Legend more than just a "mere" game, and still does some work for the department. Right now she's working on a revision of Tudor, as well as an area based on Shakespeares' plays.