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Sandra Starseed

Cast of Immortals

Sandra grew up in Eire, learning from those around her. She quickly learned how to fight and fend for herself and quite a bit of the herbal skills, though if you ask her, she'd tell you she was never quite good at them, then set out to explore the world. She's had the pleasure to meet, and become friends with many people such as Zorn, Sabella, Lancorn, Leila, Limerick and many many others. She's been a wife to Killer, a mother to Kalon, stepmother to Joule, a druid and a mage, and managed to get herself into trouble whenever possible. During her time as an mortal, Sandra was, to her surprise, voted as being most helpful to newbies and best female mud citizen in the 1995 Expies.

Sandra joined the immortal staff in May of 1996 as an assistant builder. She is now the Imp of Order, partnered with Rufus, the Imp of Chaos. They were elected to their posts in February of 2005 after Kaige stepped down. Prior to her new job, Sandra spent time as a Department head in 3 of the 4 departments. She built the areas Salem, Mass., Puritan Boston, Industrial Pittsburgh, and Legends of the Past, put in place the current warnings system, rewrote the Recalltag game to be portable for all areas, and she's also done a small bit of coding, adding in new spells, or assisting with skills and bugs where-ever she can.

In life outside of Legend, Sandra lives in Austin, TX, her home of the past 4 years. She shares her home with her four cats - Spaz, Freak, Tor and Dot. Or, as she may say, they allow her to stay there.

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