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March 9th, 2000

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Trees & PKOK
Immortal-Mortal Relationships & Immorting
Housing Issues

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Pretitles 'Can we PLEASE have all this pretitle stuff configurable?' Sammael says tolerantly. 'At least for some of them?'

Sammael says tolerantly, 'I'm happy they got them, but I really don't want to see it every time they tell to me.'

Doctor Mertjai says, 'Hmm, I think they should be able to be turned off and on like descs, not from the other end.'

Lazarus says, 'Maybe removing them from tells would give relief to the suffering?'

'I'm finding it hard to tell what's actually annoying and what just seems weird due to it being new,' LadyAce says.

'I think for example, them being in short/long descs is cool,' Sammael says tolerantly.

LadyAce says, 'I personally would rather wait and see what we can get used to and what really isn't worth keeping.'

Sammael says patiently, 'But tells are supposed to be ooc for one thing.'

Arrak says, 'Verrry spammy on channels too.'

'Or a random chance of it showing up, like the 3 or so ways to talk with each mood,' Visi says, sly as a fox.

'Maybe it could be configured so that it shows up in the first tell, but not others?' Vannessa says in a friendly tone.

'No real way to track that,' LadyAce says to Vannessa.

'I have the feeling that would be even more annoying visi...' Sammael says patiently.

'See, we say it's spammy, but really it's just a few extra letters, a word, etc,' LadyAce says to Arrak. 'In a line. So it might just be perception.'

'Well, its obviously not a big issue, but it just really bothers me,' Sammael says patiently.

'Hmm..' Vannessa says warmly. 'That's tough. I mean.. people worked hard for them, and in real life, you know who you're talking to.. so I'd like to see them continued.. but I understand the spamminess thing.'

Sammael says patiently, 'Some are really bad, like, "The All-Knowing"'

'Newbies get confused when I send them a tell and try telling to doctor,' Doctor Mertjai says.

'I hadn't thought of that,' Vannessa says warmly. 'It's too bad we can't come up with a compromise. Like they're only visible above a certain level.. or only sometimes.'

Ea! says, 'It's actually very hard to control where they are seen and where they aren't... Basically, it's in the code that determines whether you should see a description, a name, or "somebody".'

'Who changed help redeem so it won't list titles any more?' Visi says slyly.

'It did a day or two ago,' Visi says slyly.

LadyAce says, 'Charity changed it to make it less spammy. It's under help pretitle now.'

'I'm glad that pretitles get used more, I just think they get used too much,' Sammael says patiently.

'With the exception of who and whoshort... I'll almost definitly pull it out of whoshort due to the sorting/size thing,' Ea! says.

Empress Krillen says in a threatening tone, 'I think you should be able to configure whether or not you see pretitles on chat/tells/etc.'

'The all knowing nothing is long,' Arrak says.

'I had considered getting 100 mil for a military type pretitle, but I don't want it now,' Sammael says tolerantly.

Ea! says to Sammael, 'Yeah, it's hard to put it in only some places...'

'I suggested making people with pretitles all being at the bottom or top of the whoshort list in rows of 2, but maybe thats hard,' Sammael says tolerantly.

Ea! says to Sammael, 'Yeah, I saw that, and was going to do it, but given that we've got them in so many places now I figured I'd just remove them from there altogether.'


The Auditorium

'I have a question, tho,' Vannessa says warmly. ':>.'

'Is there anywhere else with a message board?' Vannessa says warmly. 'If there isn't, I suggest moving this one out of the auditorium.. it's too hard to talk in here.'

'News and welcome boards are located in most of the inns,' LadyAce says to Vannessa.

LadyAce says to Vannessa, 'They're also available for purchase.'

Vannessa says warmly, 'Then wy do we need one here?'

LadyAce says, 'It's a convenient spot to have one, for example if we're discussing something that's posted on them :) like code changes, which we're doing today.'

'I have had to go ooc to read one quickly from time to time, and I'm not enabled,' Celia says.


Trees & PKOK

Sammael says patiently, 'How are trees/pkok coming along these days?'

'I know Ea's made some changes needed for pkok recently, but nothing that I know of for trees,' LadyAce says.


Immortal-Mortal Relationships & Immorting

Celia says, 'Maybe this is not the right place to ask, but is it possible to clarify the rule about giving out RL info in posts?'

'I mean, is it a rule, or just a guideline?' Celia says.

'Well...I think you would hafta be more specific for me to give a good answer,' LadyAce says.

'Your own choice?' Arrak says.

Lazarus says, 'More of an honor system I'd say.'

'I was surprised that somebody was allowed to comment that an imm applicant is the spouse of a current immort,' Celia says.

'Like pman and Sandra?' Doctor Mertjai says.

Celia says, 'Because I have seen posts with info like that removed in the past.'

'Or ea and LA?' Doctor Mertjai says.

'Everyone knows anyway :p,' Arrak says.

'Kaige and ptah!' Sammael says tolerantly.

Vannessa says warmly to Sandra, 'You're married to Pman?'

LadyAce says, 'I think imm applications are a very special case with respect to rl relationships.'

LadyAce says, 'It's something that we're under a lot of scrutiny for, after all.'

'Aren't you applying in more of an ooc fashion to become an imm?' Doctor Mertjai says.

Celia says, 'But the applicants aren't immorts yet, and they may not get immorted.'

'Its like the process now has very serious implications for future playing as a mort if you don't get in,' Celia says.

'It does,' Ea! says.

'For example, it bugs me when someone says that they'd abide by the imm code of conduct and then a few weeks later they do something that would violate it,' Ea! says. 'It makes me wonder how dedicated they would have been.'

'RL relationships is a little different, of course,' Ea! says.

'Morts do lots of things which aren't illegal, but which would violate the immort code :P,' Celia says.

'When it comes to RL relationships between imms, or between imms and morts, I would say that they're not secrets,' LadyAce says.

Sammael says tolerantly, 'What about between morts.'

'My RL relationship isn't a secret,' Doctor Mertjai says.

'People don't broadcast them, but trying to "hide" them in some way ends up creating more "scandal"' LadyAce says.

LadyAce says, 'On the other hand, posting "So-and-so only got unsitebanned by performing sexual favors for LadyAce" is a good way to annoy us :).'

'It is broadcasting them to mention it in a post though,' Celia says.

Sandra says, 'It's a good way for me to just sitban the poster ;).'

'I think that RL relationships are a legitimate concern for both imms and morts when they discuss a candidate,' LadyAce says.

LadyAce says, 'And I think that with respect to this particular issue, the need for open evaluation is more important than privacy.'

Sammael says tolerantly, 'Yea, we need to know who the imms are sleeping with.'

'Its like tabloids, we have to know!' Sammael says tolerantly.

LadyAce says, 'Marriages are a little less lurid than that :).'

'And that's the type of tradeoff that imms end up facing on a daily basis. So applicants might as well get used to it...' Ea! says.

'Well, it seems like you are saying that merely applying to immort means you lose the normal rights of privacy, where in the past people didn't even know who had applied,' Celia says.

Celia says to Ea!, 'Yes, but they might never be immorted.'

'Privacy is more limited,' Sammael says tolerantly.

'I guess perhaps I'm saying this should be made clearer beforehand, so people can consider it in deciding whether to apply,' Celia says.

'We did say that we were posting names, that leads to people discussing what they know about you,' LadyAce says to Celia. 'We can make that a little more explicit, tho.'

'There is a line, of course, and if it's crossed, the post will go and the poster will be warned,' Ea! says to Celia.

'Yes, but you are saying the line is somehow differnt than for morts who are not applicants,' Celia says.

LadyAce says to Celia, 'I think the imm-mort relationships is a specific exception, because they're a part of one group applying to join the other.'

'Immortals, and immortals to be are more ooc than morts, yes,' Doctor Mertjai says.

Sammael says tolerantly, 'The hardest part of being an imm is keeping your alts secret.'

'But when they go out of their way to flaunt it as someone did last may its gonna be used against them at the first possible sign of a blowup,' Quimby says.


Housing Issues

'Is their any chance now that we have 9 gig of memory that was can go through with my idea on housing where you can keep the rent equivialant of gear in your house as to the rent you pay per day on it?' Sammael says tolerantly.

Sammael says tolerantly, 'That if you pay 3.5k rent a day on a house, you can hold 3.5k rent worth of items in your house.'

'For free,' Sammael says tolerantly.

Visi says, sly as a fox, 'Makes sense.'

LadyAce says to Sammael, 'Hm, well, it's not really set up to work like that this very minute :).'

Sammael says patiently, 'As it is, houses are worthless to those of us without rp reasons.'

'I'd love to be able to keep stuff in a house,' Sammael says tolerantly. 'And not pay out my ass for it.'

'Just you get the house's rent cost in free rent of stuff in it?' Visi says, sly as a fox.

LadyAce says, 'I think we could stand to revisit issues with rent and housing cost, now that spam gear is gone.'

'Would it ever be feasible to pay a flat rate, say 3 or 4X the original cost of a house to just outright buy it instead of renting it?' Sammael says tolerantly.

'Building rooms does it have to cost so much?' Quimby says.

'I understand you don't want people to buy houses and disappear,' Sammael says tolerantly.

Ea! says to Sammael, 'So your general suggestion is that you should be able to store for free the rent value of the house in eq?'

Sammael says tolerantly, 'But archive and crap would still kill them.'

LadyAce says, 'I don't think we'll ever do the outright buy thing.'

Visi says slyly, 'Probably not, I think the point of having rent is to slow inflation.'

Sammael says patiently, 'It just seems to stupid to buy a house and then pay rent on it.'

'Why?' Vannessa says warmly to Sammael. 'It's like a mortgage.'

Visi says slyly, 'Without any rent, the amount of money in the game would always be increasing.'

'If you had to pay taxes every year or something,' Sammael says patiently.

Sammael says patiently, 'I could understand that.'

Celia says, 'I think the rent of a large house gets to be a bit much, I don't know anybody who has kept a huge house for any real length of time.'

Sammael says tolerantly, 'Property taxes based on how many rooms you have.'

'Rent=upkeep of house,' Doctor Mertjai says.

'Melanie has a relatively big one and a moderate one,' Visi says slyly to Celia.

Sammael says patiently, 'If I pay 3.5k rent for a house say. And it cost me 350k. In 101 days I surpased the cost of the hosue just in rent.'

'I found out just recently about the 50 item limit on rooms...' Vannessa says warmly.

'You pay for your house 3 times fold in just a years time,' Sammael says tolerantly.

'I'd rather pay twice the initial cost and 1/2 the rent,' Celia says.

Confession says, apparently exhausted, to Vannessa, 'Yea I figured that out.'

'A day is equal to about a month in mud time tho :),' LadyAce says.

'When I had hmm tons of damn things in my house :p,' Confession says, apparently exhausted, to Vannessa.

Vannessa says warmly, 'My suggestion would be to change the wording of the flag.. it's far too confusing..'

Sammael says tolerantly, 'And you can't even keep equipment in it without it costing more.'

'Change it to upkeep!' Doctor Mertjai says.

'It currently makes it sound like the clutter is on the floor, not like it's total item count that's messing things up,' Vannessa says in a friendly tone.

Vannessa says warmly, 'Which makes the statement confusing if everything is in boxes, or whatever, and not on the floor.'

'Oh would be nice to see what im paying rent too on, maybe a nother rent option like hrent or something to show me what im paying for in the house,' Quimby says.

Vannessa says in a friendly tone, 'That would be nice.'

'Yeah, it's something on the list,' LadyAce says to Quimby.

'I have 1.2 million gold and never spend it, I want something interesting to buy damn it :P,' Sammael says patiently.

LadyAce says to Sammael, 'If I talk with you about this, you'll also refuse to explore and find a cool house :) So I'll save my breath.'

Sammael says patiently, 'Theres nothing interesting to me the player to spend it on.'

'I don't buy pk houses...' Sammael says tolerantly to you. 'To be honest, I would probably buy a house if I could keep something in it without spending a fortune on it.'

'When houses went in, I thought they were too expensive and too restricted,' LadyAce says. 'Maybe eventually they'll loosen up.'

'Pets, guards, and booby traps would be nifty,' Visi says, sly as a fox.

'I spend a lot of time online as my two characters who have houses, doing nothing but money runs.. no time for anything else,' Vannessa says in a friendly tone.

'But to just have on individually is worthless to me at the current time,' Sammael says tolerantly.

Celia says, 'I'd actually prefer to build a big house for RP reasons, not storing equip, but I'm not prepared to give up all my other playing just to maintain it.'

'Exactly.. if I'd realized how it would be to maintain, I probably wouldn't have done it,' Vannessa says warmly.

Celia says, 'So I end up with lots of alts having one room houses primarily for storage instead. Which I rarely even visit.'


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