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March 16th, 2000

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'Wondering if, with the changes to hit/dam equipment, any thought's been given to bringing other out of spec eq into spec,' Yvonne says, yawning with boredom. 'Just for example, Mac Lir's coat seems much more renty than it should be, and it'd be nifty to use if it wasn't so much rent.'

LadyAce says to Yvonne, 'The reason it's renty is due to its material, and due to no one updating it and ignoring the material :).'

'I think there should be more spells on eq, and diff stuff than just stats,' Drakkon says.

'I have a whole list with just stat eq, it dum,' Drakkon says.

'Okie doke,' Yvonne says in a bored voice. 'Just so I'm clear, what were the official reasons for chofficial reasons for changing how hit/dam is handled?'

'The items were changed because they were making characters too powerful,' Sandra says. 'They were basically giving the equiv of 8-10 stat points for the hit/dam with no penalty.'

Violence says, 'All I see now is a bunch of fighters with nothing to use rent on.'

'Useful tools!' Lagmonster says. 'Wands!'

'And there's more reason to make 'em when people will actually bother to use them,' LadyAce says to Lagmonster.

'It was an imbalance in mobkill, and in pk,' Sandra says. 'It was a problem that someone with 30str/dex could have 23dam/hit which is the same as someone with 100dex/str.'

'The old eq was a tough call,' LadyAce says to Yvonne. 'But there's so much of it and it's so wide spread, we couldn't see ourselves going thru all that stuff and trying to figure out how to change it.'

Lagmonster says, 'Just removing +dam and adjusting rent for it, leaving stats in, could've been an option imho.'

'That would have been better i think,' Drakkon says.

'For old chars, anyway,' Lagmonster says.

'Except if they really relied on that damroll...talk about a nasty surprise when they logged in,' LadyAce says to Lagmonster.

'No one really relies on hitroll and damroll bonuses,' Drakkon says to LadyAce.

'We couldn't have done things the way we did and alter pfiles,' Sandra says.

'Is +hp eq being looked at at all?' Yvonne says, yawning with boredom. 'Since it's theoretically a stat.'

LadyAce says to Yvonne, 'Yes, we've just started in reviewing it.'

Murazor says, 'I just don't understand why things always have to be "balanced"'

'Balance is good,' The Honorable Straussy says.

Drakkon says to Murazor, 'Because when they aren't ppl complain.'

'If things aren't balanced, we may as well do a cointoss instead of pk,' Lagmonster says.



Lagmonster says, 'So, when's pkok coming in?'

'I think we're still moving slow on that one,' LadyAce says to Lagmonster.

LadyAce nudges Ea!.

Ea! says, 'No new progress on pkok.'

Ea! says, 'Thanks to Sandra you'll be able to string timed items starting next reboot without worry of the string vanishing.'



Shaidar says coldly, 'When will shape change be implemented?'

'I wouldn't look for it in the near future,' LadyAce says to Shaidar.



LadyAce says, 'Question : what spell do you think most needs a spellbook to help with the issue of *new* players trying to be mages? Or what set of spells, if more than one :).'

Lagmonster says, 'Harm.'

Ea! says, 'I always find the jiv and anna spells are the ones that I always end up loosing levels on -- I try to go for rudh and mrti at 25 and wait on those...'

Lagmonster says, 'Actually, for 2nd circle, there isn't a single spell that needs a spellbook.'

'I think all spells using kala,' Raskolnikov says sadly.


Loot & Steal

Crackle says, 'Can someone explain to me why you can't loot without steal?'

'It doesn't take a whole lot of skill,' Crackle says.

'So you are saying that if someone steals an item from someone who can't learn steal they cannot get it back,' Crackle says.

'I don't really remember other than it should be harder to loot, and alot of player complaints about looting,' Sandra says to Crackle.


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