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March 23rd, 2000

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Non-rentable items
Pkill Damage Cap
Ideas to Help Healers
Dex fighters & damcap
Mind & Spells
Hit/Damroll on Items
Backstab & Gun skills
Mage & Spell Ideas
Converse & Reply
PKill Tournament & Lag

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Non-rentable items

Elisa says, mischievously, 'For the items that now have rent but aren't rentable, do they show up in offer, maybe somehow differently than normal items?'

Ea! says, 'They don't currently, though that's a good change.'

'I was thinking maybe in parentheses would be good,' Elisa says, mischievously.


Pkill Damage Cap

'I know pkill damage is capped at roughly 70% of normal, is this applies each round to damage done or just affect dam cap?' Groo says, looking a little lost.

'The dam cap applies to the 'you attack 8 times and hit 5 times' part,' you say. 'Is that what you mean?'

'Well say I hit for 50 damage is tahn then rudced by 30% in pkill?' Groo says, looking a little lost.

'That sounds right to me,' LadyAce says to Groo.

Murazor says, 'Does that mean you can cap on the swing part and have a weaponspell go off and do additional damage over the damcap?'

Ea! says, 'Only combat damage.'

'And do spells get reduced in pkill as well?' Groo says, looking a little lost. 'I took a hell of alot of damage from gusts of wind not too long ago.'

Ea! says to Groo, 'Most of the spells are balanced so that they won't do that much damage to begin with.'

'Wasn't there an adjustment to gust of wind vs flying person damage?' Murazor says.

LadyAce says to Murazor, 'Quite a while ago.'

Murazor nods solemnly.

'Well I guess I'm done, though it'd be nice if spells were reduced by 30% in pkill too,' Groo says, looking confused.

'Thats what i was going to ask, you take more while flying or not?' Tritoch says callously.

LadyAce says, 'I believe that was pulled.'

Elisa says, with a mischievous grin, 'Gust of wind on a flying person out to expel them from the room.'


Ideas to Help Healers

Murazor says, 'One, to help reduce spam when doing things like eating and looting from the bitter eyed healer etc, would it be possible to get a message like "You get a handful of thyme from a corpse (10)", instead of 10 lines of spam?'

'Possibly,' Ea! says to Murazor. 'It's not an easy change, but it might be possible. If you haven't already, suggest that one with the idea command...'

'And second, what're the chances of getting a fighttype that doesn't show grouped player swings, but shows the mob swings?' Murazor says.

Murazor says to Ea!, 'I can't remember if i've idea'd it or not so i'll do that.'

'Probably pretty low,' Ea! says.

'That would be really good for healers,' Elisa says, with a mischievous grin.

Elisa says, mischievously, 'It's hard to tell who's getting attacked in the current fighttypes.'

Murazor says, 'As it is rihgt now fight type none is fairly useless, at least in my eyes, as a healer and tank it'd be really useful to not have to deal with party memebers swings and be able to cleanly see who's being swung at. Or even just to ignore all player swing messages, not worry about in group then.'

'I'd like to see so and so hits so and so, without the concentration on hits and misses,' Elisa says, mischievously.


Dex fighters & damcap

'What are the chances of a dex fighter getting a damcap?' Theseus says matter of factly. 'Is it even possible?'

LadyAce says to Theseus, 'I think a dex fighter would need a somewhat heavy weapon and perhaps some damroll. It's certainly possible, it's not that we've coded it out of possibility etc.'

Theseus says clinically, 'Like how much, approx?'

'Dex is more about doing consistent damage and taking less damage than damcapping,' LadyAce says.

Theseus says neutrally, 'I don't really feel that I'm taking much less dam, but I'm not sure.'

LadyAce says, 'Dodge, tumble, parry, etc.'

'Dodge does quite a bit actually, and so does tumble.. I have a paladin who tumbles missed bashes and headbutts all the time,' Vannessa says in a friendly tone.



'This is kinda on the same topic as that whole last question but, does ac do anything or is it just in there as a joke?' Tritoch says callously.

'Makes a real big diff at low levels,' Murazor says.

'Seems like 700 hp is more important :p,' Tritoch says callously.

Ea! says, 'The thing about AC is that it works in such a way that you've got to have more than you're expected to have at your level if you're fighting an equal level opponent...If that makes sense...'

Tritoch says, utterly uncaring, 'So -100 ac will work on level 30 things, but if i fight sammael im screwed? ;).'

Ea! nods his agreement with Tritoch.


Mind & Spells

'Is there any chance that someday soon we will see the effect of all spells based on mind, I always fell knida annoyed a 50 mind mages str or such spells are just as good as a 100 mind mages,' Groo says, perplexed. 'I know some spells work were mind matters but its lame that all dont.'

'Pretty much anything that effects all spells would require a major rewrite...' Ea! says.

Huginn says, 'Most of them matter...most of the important ones.'

'Some of them it's more cast level than mind,' LadyAce says.

Murazor says, 'I idea'd once awhile back to have mages who's natural stats qualify for the words have better spell effects than those who qualify only with gear on.'

'I got a question about sink =P,' Akai_Hayate says.

'Can sink be changed to be like 90% your mind Vs thiers?' Akai_Hayate says. 'I heard it is cast level vs cast level now, and that sucks cause i got a 3rd circle 100 mind mage who cant immolate, a cheesy 50 mind half mage.'

LadyAce says, 'I don't think any spells are that simple.'

'Hmm.. its mind based too,' Huginn says.

'Make mind matter!' Groo pleads, looking confused. 'Down with cast levels!'

'Sink's code is icky, from what I understand,' Sandra says. 'It's partly mind based already though.'

Murazor says, 'I dunno, my 3c 50th cause mage learned sink at 3rd level and has 100 mind, and it loses the contest fairly often.'

'I have no idea. Looking at that code gives me a headache ;),' Sandra says.

Ea! says, 'We're planning on redoing sink a lot anyway...'


Hit/Damroll on Items

'Umm is this icky new hit/dam roll on items all set in stone now?' Groo says, looking confused.

'Some of them seem excessive,' Elisa says, with a mischievous grin.

LadyAce says, 'I think the items are probably not set in stone.' 'I think we need to see how it all turns out in play before we'll know where we're at.'

'WEll as an idea I thought maybe you could exclude say weapions or one other item slot from the 'normal' new rules,' Groo says, perplexed.

Sandra shakes her head.

LadyAce says, 'I agree that there's too much +str -mind eq in the game, but now that not everyone uses the same items, there is a reason for builders to put in other held items.'


Backstab & Gun skills

'Is there actually gonna be a backstab change sometime, or was that just a dicussion board pipe dream? I heard about lighter weapons giving more dam...ATM i can only hit for 18 :(,' Theseus says clinically.

'He're my thing about backstab:' Ea! says.

'I want to work towards making it so that snipers can be sucessful *without* backstab. So while I agree that snipers need a boost, I'd rather see it be in the gun side of things than with backstab...' Ea! says.

Akai_Hayate cheers for Ea! - huzzah!

'You're going to make it worth it to carry a gun?' Akai_Hayate says.

Theseus isn't a sniper though!

'Hey is damroll taken into account with backstab currently?' Murazor says. 'Or is it just weapondamage and perc?'

'But is there a way for backstabbers to be successful without snipe?' Elisa says, with a mischievous grin.

'Speaking of guns/backs, someone was talking about a pistolwhip skill coming in would be like backstab, that going to happen?' Akai_Hayate says.

'I don't remember anyone talking about pistolwhipping,' LadyAce says.

'Is there a formula for the dam from backstab?' Theseus says matter of factly.

'Yes but it's not a publically released items,' LadyAce says to Theseus.

'The only skills we had planned for trees for guns that aren't in are gunsmithing and two-gun,' Ea! says. 'Though the tree was pretty sparse.'



'Can draw be made better? i tryed once backstab then draw a sword for pkill, i fumbled everytime and died a horrible horrible death ;),' Akai_Hayate says. 'That was year and a half ago tho, so if its been changed just say so :p.'

Murazor says, 'Yeah no kidding, i've always been afraid of draw.'

Elisa says, with a mischievous grin, 'I nver had the rent for that.'

'Yeah, I think we changed it once since then,' Ea! says. 'Try it again.'

'I thought draw had been improved, yeah,' LadyAce says.

'If it still sucks, we can fix it...' Ea! says.

Murazor says, 'Do you still throw your weapon on the ground when you screw up?'

'It goes to inv,' Sandra says.


Mage & Spell Ideas

'Is there any possibility of being able to register descriptions for homunculii and greater summoning mobs?' Murazor says. 'Just to add some flavor to the spells.'

'Probably not... it would take a fair amount of memory for us to add that...' Ea! says to Murazor.

'Hmmm, it ever be possible, for a mage, or some sort of skill, to increase the durability, of an item, so it damages less?' Oli says. 'Byt maybe adds rent to the item?'

'Perhaps with some of the new merchant skills, but probably not any time soon,' Ea! says to Oli.

'A skilltrees thing,' LadyAce says.

LadyAce says, 'Huginn suggested a way for us to 'randomize' the names of summoned mobs, the same way builders mess with normal mobs. That might have some of the nice effect that you're looking for.'

Murazor says, 'Hey what's the possibility of a create time portal spell for create mages that would create a portal you could enter that would take you to the closest trans location fwd or backward in time, cost 250-300 mana?'

'I think that's not too likely :) mages can do time transes like everyone else,' LadyAce says.

'Finding the closest location forward and back in time isn't something that we can really do, anyway...' Ea! says. 'Which is too bad, because it'd be nice for certain things...'

'Yeah but moving a 10 person group through time is rather hassling,' Murazor says.

LadyAce says, 'Depends which trans you choose.'

Akai_Hayate says, 'Urk, i was thinking a 500 mana town teleport spell, ive i have to type from agrabah to tara one more time ill go insane :p.'

'Could be real abusable though too,' Huginn says.

Murazor says, 'Could hack it by having a flag on each zone saying what fwd and rev transes would be.'

Elisa says, with a mischievous grin, 'Mages already have enough fun stuff they can do.'

'Not necessarily, if you have to enter the portal to go through it'd all be a choice thing,' Murazor says.

'If you were in SL and wanted out real easy?' Huginn says. 'Or hell?'

Murazor says, 'Well with the same way you can't recall from certain places make those high level zones not have target points for the spell.'

Oli says, 'Any way, create's, could get an option, to create recall vial's?'

LadyAce says to Oli, 'That seems too close to the recall spell really.'

'We have potions and scrolls, create mages can carry 'em just as well as non-mages, I think,' LadyAce says to Oli.

Oli says, 'Yeah, It'd just be nice, to be able to make em ;).'

'And the calm spell and skill, arent skills not sp'osed to be mirroring skills and the otherway around?' Akai_Hayate says.

'They do different things,' LadyAce says to Akai_Hayate.

'Do they?' Akai_Hayate says. 'I might have to acually use it then :p.'

'Can we get +'s in allspells for ones you allready have and, like help 2.calm for help files on the spell?' Akai_Hayate says.

'I get screwed alot trying to get info on things that appear more than once ;),' Akai_Hayate says.

'Help calm spell,' Murazor says.

'That a suggestion to them, or you telling me how to do it?' Akai_Hayate says to Murazor.

Murazor says, 'That's how to do it.'

'The first is unlikely, report the second on bug/idea for the different skills/spells it doesn't work with,' Ea! says to Akai_Hayate.

'Hey is there any possibility of expanding on the eavesdropping ability of the listen skill, say with 100 per being able to hear tells too?' Murazor says.

Elisa goes EEK! in distress.

'No :P,' LadyAce says.

'Is the allspells really that unlikely? its really a pain for me to check my spell list then my allspell list to make sure i got them all, i wont even level a mage anymore cause of that ;),' Akai_Hayate says.

'That's meant to be part of the difficulty of being a mage...' Ea! says to Akai_Hayate.

'My eyes are going to go one of these times ;),' Akai_Hayate says.

Oli says, 'Can you at least, get a max # of spells avalible to cast?'

'So you can quickly check, if you have cast all the spells, or not?' Oli says.

'Mmm, well, that's not likely to be very popular either,' LadyAce says.

Elisa hands Oli his spells on a silver platter.

Ea! says, 'We're going to try to take out the spells that don't actually exist, so that you can count the number of spells in allspells and spellbook and they'll be identical...'

'But you'll have to do the counting yourself,' Ea! says.

Akai_Hayate says, 'Or 'config ive done this before' it would list the words to spells so you dont have to bug people for the ones you forget :p.'

Murazor says, 'Heh i flip back and forth counting the number of spels starting with the saame letter. Could just toss something into allspells "You have not cast all the spells you are able to"'

'Well, you could type spellbook and see if it's in there,' Sandra says.

'Well, if it's not there, you don't have it =p,' Oli says.

Murazor says, 'Ooh and it just matches off any word too, nice.'

'And partial words,' Murazor says.

Murazor says, 'Dang, sure beats allspells, backscroll, find the obscure spell.'

Akai_Hayate says, 'Sweet, will help when i forget words :p.'

'Maybe something should be added to help spellbook that tells people about this feature?' Murazor says. 'Heh.'

Theseus says matter of factly to you, 'Put that in the LT, under little known facts!'

Oli says, 'Works good, when you can't remember how to spell the word ;).'

Sandra says, 'Idea that.'

'That was like, um, one of the first few changes I made to the running code,' Ea! says to Murazor. 'In the first 10 or so, I think.'

'And, hey, at least they're alphabetized these days... The first time I went through it they weren't..' Ea! says.

Murazor says, 'Well apparently i missed reading the board heh.'

Ea! says to Murazor, 'Back then things weren't posted to the board...'

LadyAce says to Murazor, 'More like "there are 10,000 help files, but they still don't contain absolutely everything'.'


Converse & Reply

'Is there a shortcut to make reply go to the person who last told you when you started typing?' Elisa says, with a hint of mischief.

'Converse solves that problem :),' LadyAce says to Elisa.

Ea! says to Elisa, 'Not in the mud... .'

Elisa doesn't understand converse.

'You type "converse with " and from then on, typing "conv blah,blah,balh" sends it to the person,' Ea! says.

Elisa says, mischievously, 'I send mistells all the time!'

Ea! says, 'So before coming here Huginn and I were having a conversation, so when we popped over, I did a converse with Huginn so that I could type conv to talk to him.'

'Heh on a diff mud i quickly stopped playing it after i intercepted a reply of "And if anybody asks where you found that sword say you found it under a rock or something, don't tell anybody i loaded it for you" from some god,' Murazor says.

Elisa says, with a hint of mischief, 'Converse seems too complicated, maybe I should just take a vow of silence.'

LadyAce says to Murazor, 'Wow :) that'd be a sign it was time to move along alright.'

Elisa says, almost a whisper, 'Oo ooo, if you have tells configged off, can you still converse?'

LadyAce says, 'Hm, i dunno...test it and see.'

'You can still send tells out, but you can't receive them, I think,' Ea! says.


PKill Tournament & Lag

Akai_Hayate says, 'The last tournament everyone was complaining of the lag, and that was from having to open another site?'

'Well, not exactly,' LadyAce says.

Akai_Hayate says, 'I was thinking, why dont you just close the door on hol and keep it here?'

Murazor says, 'Hey the other day when i was leading a southside pd run we had 19 people in the group, every time i moved the mud lagged, any idea why?'

'From the bandwidth generated by the spam of the fight,' LadyAce says. 'Both were for the same reason....Too much data through the pipe at once.'

'Would it help at all if we did it here?' Akai_Hayate says. 'I dont get lagged when im pkilling, and tournament is usually one fight at a time :p.'

'No, it wouldn't,' LadyAce says.

Ea! says, 'What would help is not echoing the fight to everyone...'

Akai_Hayate says, 'Hehe next time dont do it :p.'

Ea! says, 'Well, hopefully we'll find another solution, though.'

LadyAce says, 'Yea like a bigger pipe :P.'

Murazor says, 'Saw an add the other day for a full T-1 line, only 850 a month.'


New Areas

'Is there a japan area being planned?' Akai_Hayate says.

LadyAce says, 'No one is building one right now on the current staff.'

Akai_Hayate says, 'Midevil japan would be sweet ;).'

Murazor says, 'Be at least one real nice sword in that zone too.'

'I keep waiting for someone to propose it, but no one does ;),' Sandra says.

Elisa says, almost a whisper, 'Is there a place where we can see a list of all the places being built?'

'Builder board,' Sandra says.

'That mean if i send in an imm app for building and wanna do japan you'll let me?' Akai_Hayate says to Sandra. ':p.'

LadyAce says to Akai_Hayate, 'Depends how good the app is.'


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